Trump Rally LIVE: President Trump Rally in Macon, Georgia

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WATCH: President Trump MAGA Rally in Macon, Georgia – November 4, 2018 – President Trump Macon Speech, Georgia Rally

Donald Trump is thrilled to be back to Georgia. He tells the people that if they want to protect their jobs, defend their borders and fight for their values, they should vote for Brian Kemp as their next governor. He wishes that the ‘fake media’ would show the crowd that has gathered to see the rally because they do not show the real picture to the media.

Trump states that America has the best economy in its history, which all can be destroyed if the Democrats win the elections. He has added more than 250,000 jobs, despite the hurricane that also hit a bit of Georgia. He points out towards Sonny Perdue, the Secretary of Agriculture, and says that his administration is going to help the farmers here.

The Republicans have created more than 4.5 million new jobs, thereby lifting 4.3 million people from the food stamps. He claims that the unemployment level fell the lowest 45 years. Trump has also passed a huge tax cut for families in Georgia and will follow it up with an additional 10% tax cut for middle-class people. Crime is lower and wages are rising for the first time in many years, says Trump.

Georgia is safest under the leadership of the Republicans. They also overcame the Democrat campaign and confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the newest member of the United States Supreme Court. The Republicans want to create more jobs while the Democrats want to produce more mobs. The Democrats want to raise taxes and restore job-killing regulations. They also want to destroy healthcare and impose socialism.

Hence, Donald Trump started building the wall. He also stated that he pays countries like El Salvador and Honduras millions of dollars, but will be stopping this soon. Trump also says that the Democrats want to invite one caravan after another into the country. While Trump does not say that he will not allow immigrants in the country, he said that he wants them to come in legally.

Trump then invites Vince Dooley on the stage, who thanks President Trump and asks the people to keep supporting Brian Kemp for the governor. Trump comes back and states that Brian is a tireless champion of the people and will keep the wages and jobs rising. He will also provide great health care and schools for the families in the country and will also stand behind the vets and law enforcement.

On the other hand, Stacey Abrams, Brian’s opponent wants to raise the taxes, right through the roof. She also supports the socialist takeover of health care. She is going to turn Georgia into Venezuela. She even voted for illegal immigrants to hold public offices and wants them to vote as well. Abrams will take over schools and hospitals and will make the neighborhood very unsafe. Trump then invites Brian Kemp on the stage.

Brian Kemp states that his opponent does not think a lot about farmers. He also thanks Trump for the tax cuts. He promises the people that Georgia is going to have record unemployment and record job growth. He promises to do his part to make America great again.

Donald Trump comes back on stage and states that if the Democrats gain power, they will take over the American healthcare. They also plan to destroy Medicare and eliminate Medicare Advantage, which more than 635,000 seniors and Georgia depend on. Trump also promises that the Republicans will protect patients with pre-existing conditions, while the Democrats want to use this looted fund to help immigrants enter America.

Trump states that immigration costs America more than $100 billion every year, which is very unfair to American workers, including African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American citizens. Trump states that 100% of the heroin enter the USA via the southern border, along with 90% of cocaine. Trump says the ICE has arrested more than 127,000 of these immigrants in the previous year along. He is also throwing out the MS-13 gang members out of the country. The Democrats want to abolish ICE. Trump will always stand with the ICE, border patrol and law enforcement.

Trump says that a lot of foreign countries have been looting America’s wealth, which shut down a lot of factories here. But his administration has added more than half a million manufacturing jobs, with an average of almost 1000 jobs per day. He also announced recently that he has replaced the NAFTA deal with the USMCA, which will be great for the dairy producers, manufacturers, and farmers in Georgia.

Trump says that he is finally rebuilding America. He has also passed the VA accountability law to ensure that anyone who mistreats the veterans will be held accountable. He has also secured $716 billion and $700 billion to rebuild the military. He has also recognized the capital of Israel and opened a new American embassy in Jerusalem.  But the Democrats want to throw America in reverse and drag the Republicans back to the failure.

Trump wants the people to send a message to Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer by electing Brian Kemp as the next governor.


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