Trump Rally LIVE: President Trump Rally in Columbia, Missouri – November 1, 2018

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WATCH: President Trump MAGA Rally in Columbia, Missouri – November 1, 2018 – President Trump Columbia Speech, Missouri Rally

Donald Trump is thrilled to be back to Missouri. He starts off by saying that Clair McCaskill, the far-left Democrat, will not ever vote for Trump, even though she has been saying nice things. She will not even vote for Justice Kavanaugh.

He asks the people to vote for Josh, who is a Missouri patriot and loves the people as much as he loves the country. This election will be the deciding ground on whether the Republicans get to achieve extraordinary prosperity and become the greatest economy in the history of America, or let radical Democrats like Clair McCaskill, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wipe it all away.

Trump states that America is thriving and booming under the Republican leadership because they are finally putting America first. The unemployment rate has fallen lowest in about 50 years and Hispanic American, Asian American and African American poverty is at an all-time low. The economy of the country is doing great as well.

Trump has cut down a record number of job-killing regulations in less than two years, more than any other administration in American history. The Republicans have also passed massive tax cuts for working families and promises to follow up with another 10% tax cut for middle-class families.

He reminds the people that the Democrats will eventually raise the taxes. Trump has successfully put back steelworkers and coal miners back to work. He is also taking care of the veterans and the military and promises that America will have the most powerful army in due time. In short, he states that the agenda of the Republican is the same as the American people.

On the other hand, Trump states that the Democrats are tall about total conformity and rigid ideology. They also demand absolute agreement and will demonize, demean and dismiss any individual that questions their radical ideas.

Trump states that law enforcement loves the Republicans. He also says that the bikers for Trump stand somewhere between 90% and 100%. He also mentions that he has had a talk with President Xi, President of China, and tells him that the trade deal has to be made fair. Xi also agreed on the same and both join hands to make a lot of great changes. Trump says that his relationship with Kim Jong-un is also very good because he got the hostages back to the US. He also got to keep the sanctions on.

Again with China, Trump says that they are doing great and $500 billion per year for years have been coming from China, among a lot of other great things. Trump then turns to the ‘fake media’ and says that they have been attacking him because he is fighting for the people. And he does not really care since he already has to bypass the media to talk straight to the people of America.

Trump states that the Republicans believe in low taxes, fewer regulations and more clean energy from America itself. According to him, America has become the leading nation in energy production. He also wants the cleanest air and water for the planet.

As for the Democrats, all they want is higher tax rates, more regulations, and shut down American power. The Republicans will not shut down American power and want no caravans and crime and a strong border. He says they have already spent $1.6 billion on the wall and promises that he is not going to let people just come into America. The Democrats are against the wall and want to invite caravans into the nations, thereby overwhelming communities, hospitals, and schools.

Trump does not exactly say that he does not want people to come to America; he states that he wants them to come in legally. Many companies are moving back to America, thereby lowering the unemployment percentage by 3.7%. He talks about Prime Minister Abe of Japan and states that he wants to give Trump a lot of companies. Trump says that he needs people to run these massive companies.

Trump has also appointed a record number of judges and federal district judges. He mentions another historic win for the Constitution; the Republicans have defeated the Democrats and appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh as the newest member of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Trump then calls up Josh Hawley. Josh mentions that President Trump won the state of Missouri in 2016 by 20 points and have been delivering on his promise ever since. Clair McCaskill is putting a negative vote to President Trump’s pro-Constitution and pro-America motions. She has already voted against the wall and is sponsoring an open borders bill in the Congress.

Josh also mentions some similarities between Clair and Hillary Clinton. Both have spent their lifetimes in politics, both made a lot of money on federal taxpayers, both have a fake foundation that rakes millions of dollars per year, and they both do not pay taxes.

Donald Trump heads back on the stage and says that a vote for Claire means a vote to make Chuck Schumer the majority leader and consequently Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. He tells the people that they would not want Claire as she voted against massive tax cuts, against Neil Gorsuch, and joined the Democrats and voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Clair is also against enhanced vetting for refugees. He reminds the people that one vote for Claire means more taxes, more crime, and more illegal immigration.

Donald Trump also states that he is taking thousands of MS-13 gang members and throwing them back to where they came from. On the other hand, the Democrats signed up to support a total socialist takeover of healthcare that would destroy Medicare and eliminate the Medicare Advantage of more than 400,000 seniors in Missouri. He also lets the people know that the Democrat plans to raid Medicare to fund benefits for illegal immigrants in the country and encouraging them to break laws, violate borders and bankrupt America. Trump also stated that they also made it eligible for immigrants to acquire American citizenship very easily.

Under the Republicans, African American, Hispanic American and Asian American unemployment is at its lowest. For years, the Democrats undermined wages and jobs in these communities for more than several decades. Trump also talks about women unemployment, which fell to 3.6%. The previous month, Trump also removed the NAFTA deal and replaced it with the USMCA, which is a massive victory for dairy producers, manufacturers, and farmers in Missouri. Thanks to the tariffs, steel mills across America are coming back to life. Trump has also reduced drug prices and withdrew the US from the one-sided Iran nuclear deal.


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