LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Rally in Tupelo, MS

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This video is about the speech that President Donald Trump gave at a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi on the 26th of November, 2018.  Trump starts off with talking about the Senate elections that is going to take place the next day and are of vital importance. He says that this election is about jobs, protecting the border, the freedom of the citizens of the US, improving the economy, judges, getting a Senator, etc.

He says that this election will decide if the Republicans will keep making new achievements for America or if the radical Democrats will take America back to its decadent state. For a long time, people in America were rendered jobless, states Trump, and now that has started to change under the Republican government. New companies have started investing in Mississippi and elsewhere.

Companies and people have to enter America only through merit and they have to respect America, says Trump. “America first”, says Trump is a motto his administration goes by. Trade deals have to be renegotiated to the benefit of America, which has not been the case before his time. 4.5 million new job opportunities have been created and the unemployment rates have hit a record low in over 50 years.

The unemployment rates have reached the lowest in Mississippi and ten other states in history under the Trump administration. African-American unemployment rates have hit their lowest and under the leadership of the Republicans America is flourishing, Trump tells us. He urges the public to exercise their voting rights to make the Republicans victorious.

Radical Socialism and keeping the borders of America open is the policy of the Democrats and Trump does not like these policies and plans to seal the borders by building the wall. He shames the Democrats for assaulting a brilliant man the Brett Kavanaugh, who nonetheless, survived the assault on his integrity. Welfare, education, healthcare, voting rights, etc, will all be given to illegal aliens by the Democrats if they come to power. They are the party which supports crime, says Trump.

235 aliens who hold a criminal history including 4000 killings have been arrested at the border after Trump assumed office. Competition that is unfair in terms of job opportunities will always be kept at bay by Trump administration by keeping the outsiders out of America. Sanctuary cities that are supported by the Democrats will not be protected anymore by the Republicans. The wall is being steadily built with a lot of funding and zeal.

NAFTA was a disastrous deal that made Mississippi undergo a loss of 40% in manufacturing jobs.4.5 trillion dollars in trade deficit has been achieved by America since the time China became a part of WTO. The largest tax cuts till date have been passed by Trump and the death tax has been abolished. The premiums for healthcare are becoming low and new healthcare plans have been introduced in Mississippi that are around 56% cheaper than the terrible Obamacare, comments Trump.

Right to try for terminally ill people have been passed by Trump administration. Provisions have been made for veterans. He says that Americans stand for prosperity and unity and he will try to restore the former glory of America and ‘make America great again.’

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