Watch Now: President Trump hosts ‘MAGA’ Rally in Ohio

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President Trump is meeting with supporters and holding a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Lebanon, Ohio, Friday, in his third rally this week.

This video is about Donald Trump’s speech at a ‘MAGA’ rally in Lebanon, Ohio held on October 12, 2018. President Trump starts his speech by informing that they have released Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey’s prison who is now heading to Germany for a brief checkup and he will be back again in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. He shows remorse for people affected by Hurricane Michael in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Trump adds that his administration is working with the state and local authorities all over states to pull them together.

After that, President Trump recalls his achievements in two years. He says the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in 50 years and manufacturing confidence has reached an all-time high as jobs are coming into the USA from everywhere like Mexico and Canada. He adds that steel mills and coal mines are reopening all across Ohio. Trump says that they are opening steel plans like U.S. Steel and Nucor those will get iron ore from American mines.

Donald Trump says that they achieved a tremendous victory as they swore in Justice Brett Kavanaugh as the newest member of the United States Supreme Court. He urges people to vote for a Republican Senate on November 6th or earlier voting. He speaks against the Democrats as ones who want to raise their taxes, impose socialism, take away healthcare and jobs, and want to erase America’s borders to let drugs, gangs, and crimes pour into their country. He mentions a big scandal about Jon. Cordray, a Democrat who has spent $250 million federal dollars to renovate his agency that he did not even own and he spent $50 million on elevators that did not even work.

Next, Jim Renacci states that the Ohio economy is growing, unemployment is going down, wages are rising, and tax cuts and reforms are working well in Ohio. He adds that they have confirmed two Supreme Court judges and more circuit judges ever by any other president. He mentions the repealing of the individual mandate, the renegotiation of the NAFTA, and the approval of ‘Right to Try’ that is helping Ohio businesses.

President Donald Trump takes a toll on Sherrod Brown who voted against Justice Kavanaugh, tax cuts, and the border wall while voted yes to illegal aliens and deadly sanctuary. He says that Medicare is at stake this election as the Democrats have planned to take over American health care in order to destroy Medicare, which would rob their seniors of the benefits they paid for their entire lives.

Trump states that they have created over 4.2 million new jobs, lifted over 4 million Americans off of food stamps, and added 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. He further adds that African-American unemployment has reached its lowest level in American history while African-American poverty has achieved its lowest rate ever in the history of their country. Also, Trump says that Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans have the lowest unemployment rate in history. He adds that women unemployment fell to 3.6 percent, which is the lowest in 65 years.

Donald Trump mentions that they are going to replace horrible NAFTA with a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA). He says that they have taken actions to crack down China’s unfair trade abuses. He states that the Ohio steel industry and the U.S. steel industry is booming back to become the most successful ones soon. He declares that they passed the highest tax cuts and reforms in American history and they reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent and much lower than that. He announces that he will sign into the law to address opioid crisis as they $6 billion from Congress for it.

President Trump pronounces that they passed Veteran’s Choice and the landmark V.A. accountability law. He adds that they secured $700 billion and $716 billion for the next year for rebuilding their military, where all military equipment will be built right there. He mentions the establishment of the sixth branch of Armed Forces, the Space Army by the Pentagon. He states that they withdrew from the horrible Iran nuclear deal and reopened the American embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump says that car companies are moving their plants in Ohio also. He ends his speech with “We will make America great again.”

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