Trump holds ‘MAGA’ rally in Montana

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WATCH: President Trump hosts a campaign rally in Missoula, Montana on behalf of Republican Matt Rosendale’s bid to unseat Democratic Senator Jon Tester in the upcoming midterm election.

Donald Trump climbs up on stage and says Montana is a very powerful state and will continue to be after Matt Rosendale becomes its senator. He is also thrilled to be among the many hard-working and loyal American patriots. Trump states that Matt Rosendale would be sent to the US Senate and will protect the jobs and the Second Amendment of the people of Montana.

Trump says that Matt Rosendale will do absolutely everything in his power to protect the Second Amendment and will positively defend the borders. Together with the people, Trump vows to make America great again.

Trump states that the unemployment level has fallen to its lowest for the first time in over 50 years. More American citizens have jobs than ever before. Income of each household in Montana has also reached a high like never before. Trump is doing everything for the farmers, ranchers, miners, and loggers in Montana. Trump also states that he is taking care of the veterans.

Donald Trump says that he is rebuilding the military and promises to bring the best out of them in the coming few years. He also states that the American military has now the most powerful vehicles and weapons like the Hornets, the Super Dupers, the F-18s, etc. Under the Republican leadership, the country is booming and thriving like never before. He is also proud to welcome the newest member of the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.

On the other hand, the Democrats are on a spree to cause personal and political destruction, according to Donald Trump. The Democrats have participated in several shameful actions and will not give the people the laws they need to protect the country. They also hate the vets, the military and the ICE.

Donald Trump is willing to send the military to defend the southern borders in order to stop illegal immigration, which is supported by the Democrats. Trump says that the Democrats will not support any type of border security legislation or fix the immigration laws, which are some of the worst laws in the world.

Trump has made American strong and respected around the world. He wants the votes of the people to keep this momentum going ahead. He also states that there are a few intelligent Democrats that support him in certain matters. The Democrats are so far-left that it has become a radical resistance. Trump has significantly lowered the taxes and wants to do a lot more great things.

Donald Trump states that Hillary Clinton is a great unifier, to which the audiences began chanting ‘Lock her up’. Trump says that he has won a lot of support from several states in America like Wisconsin and Michigan. He also thanks a lot of great Republicans.

Trump says that the Democrats have turned into an angry mob and will destroy everything in their path. The Democrats produce mobs, not jobs. According to him, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the others simply want to raise the taxes and take away the healthcare of the common people. They also want to open the borders to dangerous criminals and drug dealers and would rather destroy the American communities. The Democrats cannot be trusted with power. For the Republicans to win, the people of Montana will have to defeat Senator Jon Tester.

Donald Trump is proud to present Senator Steve Daines, who is a great representative for the people. He also mentions Greg Gianforte, who comes up on stage and thanks Trump for all his efforts in making American great again. Trump then introduces Matt Rosendale, who is going to be the next Senator from Montana for the United States.

Matt comes up on stage and promises to the people to work hard and make American according to their image. He also thanks Donald Trump for trusting him to make America great again. He urges the people to go and vote wisely and retire Jon Tester. President Trump comes back on stage again and states that every single vote for Matt will count. He says that Matt will replace the far-left thinking with common sense. Tester was against tax cuts for families in Montana and for Obama’s job-killing regulations.

Donald Trump’s administration has changed the face of American trade like never before. He is not going to have companies leave America anymore. Trump promises to protect Social Security and Medicare. He will fully secure the border, stop sanctuary cities and end chain migration.

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