President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Houston, Texas – October 22, 2018 TRUMP TED CRUZ RALLY

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President Trump Rally For Ted Cruz in Houston, TEXAS – President Trump Rally in Houston, Texas – President Trump Houston Speech, Texas Rally – #MAGARally #HoustonRally

Ted Cruz came up on stage to the first talk about the positive progress of Trump’s administration. He mentions about a lot of things that happened under the Republican government like the big tax cuts, repealed job-killing regulations, lowest African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic unemployment, production of produces 33% more oil in 2018 than in 2016, etc. He said that Texas is booming and if the people want the big government, they need to grab a liberal.

Ted is also proud to have the formal endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council and keeping the border safe and is looking forward to campaigning alongside Donald Trump in 2020 for his re-election as United States’ President. He then welcomes Donald Trump on the podium.

Donald Trump gets on stage and announces that he is thrilled to be back. He states that nobody apart from Ted Cruz has helped him in tax cuts, regulations, and everything else; Ted Cruz has defended the jobs of the people and the borders. He plans to levy a 10% tax cut, in addition to the previous big tax cuts, for middle-income families with Kevin Brady.

Trump says that businesses and jobs are coming back to the US. According to him, if the Democrats take over, there will be massive tax raise, open borders (which means crime), and against law enforcement and ICE. They are also against the military. Trump says that his administration has done the biggest regulation cuts, all within less than two years. He also brags about the 3.7% unemployment percentage, the lowest in the country in 50 years.

Trump has started the wall and wants it fast because he has to protect the borders and the country. He also states that he has worked hard to get a new justice in Neil Gorsuch and asks the people which of the previous presidents have more federal judges and justices appointed. Trump himself answers George Washington, who is at 100%. Trump also acknowledges the fact that he will never beat this number but is getting close.

Trump announces whatever the Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family is a matter of national disgrace. Democrats are on a mission to destroy, demolish, delay, resist, and obstruct progress, according to him.

Donald Trump’s administration also ended the war on American energy. He withdrew the US from the one-sided Paris Climate accord, which was putting the country out of business. He states that he approved Keystone and Dakota access to the pipeline on day one and came up with 48,000 jobs the American citizens. Trump is also speeding up the approval process by a factor of 10 for these pipelines for Texas. Trump tells the people that the United States is not the largest producer of natural gas and crude oil anywhere in the world. He adds that Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, will not purchase massive amounts of LNF from the state.

Trump told all the European nations that the trade imbalances is not fair and won’t be taken advantage of. Under his leadership, America is winning again and being respected all over the world. But, he adds that the Democrats wants to bring back the rule of the power-hungry and corrupt globalists. He also calls himself a nationalist.

Donald Trump has read reports that he is very unpopular in other countries. He states that he is unpopular because he is not letting them rip America anymore. But he does not really care because he is protecting the people and the military. He mentions that the American military is the greatest in the world and needs to be reimbursed for providing protection to other countries. He states that the days of other countries taking advantage of America is over.

He states that the Democrats want to replace Texas values with the values of Nancy Pelosi; they also want to replace the rule of law with the rule of the mob. Trump states that Ted’s opponent in this race is Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka Beto, who pretends to be a moderate by is a left-winger.

Trump states that O’Rourke is against everything that the Republicans and the people stand for – tax cuts, regulations, etc. He also supports the socialist takeover of health care and will triple the taxes, if possible. Trump states that O’Rourke also wants to take away the guns of the people, voted against the border wall as well as voted in favor of sanctuary countries.

Trump lists downs the names of senators like Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, etc. and states that they have done the worst jobs of any mayor. He also said that Elizabeth Warren was exposed as a fraud last week. He wants the people of Texas to elect a Republican house. He mentions that he is hitting trade deals with countries like China hard and created $11.7 trillion. He went on and talked about the hurricane that recently hit the state and the United States Coast Guard that saved 16,000 lives.

Trump then thanks several Republican representatives that have helped him in his administration like John Cornyn, Ken Paxton, Kevin Brady, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, etc. and Congressmen like Congressman Bill Flores, Congressman Pete Olson, Congressman Randy Weber, Congressman Michael Cloud, etc. Trump asks the people to vote for Ted Cruz and the Republican.

Trump wants to remove the illegal immigrants from the country and is not happy with the catch-and-release method of the Democrats. He says that these immigrants hurt the American people and bring in poisonous drugs to the country. They also are very violent and will turn the country into a war zone.

Trump also mentions that he has added 600,000 new manufacturing jobs and the economic growth reached 4.2%last quarter. He also says the employment is at a record low, including Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and African Americans. He also replaced the NAFTA deal with the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada agreement). He states that he will also protect the border and the interests of the American people.