LIVE: President Trump in Murphysboro, IL

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President Trump kicks off the event by announcing that Mike Bost has to win big. He states that Mike Bost has been fighting for the people. He also addressed the shooting that took place a few hours before that day at Pennsylvania. He adds that the suspect is in custody and federal authorities are on the scene. The anti-Semitic attack is an assault on the American people.

On this, Trump says that they have to bring back the death penalty. He must draw a line in the sand and say strongly ‘Never Again’. He also tanks the American law enforcement for their incredible job so many years down the line. Everyone is fighting to defend the Constitution and the American flag and heritage in this election, Trump says.

Under Trump’s administration, America is booming and thriving like never before. So much progress has been made under the Republicans. Trump does not look forward to giving up this progress. He also spoke to the Future Farmers of America in Indianapolis and wanted to cancel both the rallies. But then, he remembered Dick Grasso headed up the New York Stock Exchange and got it open.

Trump then states that the unemployment level fell for the first time significantly in more than 50 years, including Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and African Americans. More American citizens are working today than they did at any point in American history. He reminds the people that the state’s steel industry was a dead end, but now, it is operating at full force. With US Steel, many new plants are coming up. Trump reminds the people that if the enemy of America got in, the country would be in a very serious trouble.

Trump has passed massive tax cuts for working families, with an additional 10% tax cuts for middle-class families. He is working with Kevin Brady to get coal miners back to work. Trump reminds the people that at one time, America was running on fumes and there was no steel for defense. More than 70,000 Americans lost their jobs. Upon this heat, Trump promised himself that in order to protect the security of the nation, he would impose a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum and 25% tariff on foreign steel.

Now that steel and aluminum plants are roaring back to life, Mike Bost invited Donald Trump over to reopen two blast furnaces at Granite City. Trumps states that thanks to the tariffs, millions of dollars are being paid to coffers in the Treasury. Hundreds of steelworkers in Illinois and all over the country are now back on the job, pouring 2.7 million tons of American steel.

Trump then moves to the Democrats and says their whole theme is to resist. Their policies are not good. If the people of Illinois do not want Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the next two years, he urges them to vote now. He then calls on stage Congressman Rodney Davis and Congressman Randy Hultgren, along with Mike Bost.

Randy Hultgren goes up on stage and states that he represents the northern suburbs. He concludes his speech by telling the people to vote for the Republicans. Rodney Davis expresses his pleasure to support and introduce Mike Bost.

Trump gets back to the podium and talks about Mike Bost, who cut down taxes, reduced the regulations, protected the people’s Medicare, and defended the farmers, steelworkers, and miners of Illinois.

Mike Bost then comes up on stage and thanks Donald Trump. He then addresses to the people that they cannot allow Nancy Pelosi to take the House back. Next, Donald Trump talks about Mike’s opponent, Brendan Kelly, who opposed tax cuts, weak on crime, for open borders, etc. Brendan Kelly is grateful to the Democrats for funding his campaign. The Republican agenda is in the country’s best interest. Republicans want to lower the taxes and want less regulation and fair trade deals.

Trump then says that they should never have allowed NAFTA. He then looks at everything that the European Union and China have done to the US. Hence, Trump put a $250 billion worth of tariffs on China at 25%. He speaks about a similar situation with Canada and Mexico and came up with the USMCA instead of the NAFTA.

Trump then diverted the topic towards the wall because the Republicans want strong borders, no crime, and no caravans. He has already spent $1.6 billion and plans to spend more until the wall has been constructed. He wants the caravan to come to America, but legally. He states that the Border Patrol and ICE have done an incredible job and promises that the border will have a strong protection.

Trump states that a lot of countries were ripping America off. For example, China, which had been averaging $500 billion for the past many years. Trump went to give a speech there and he started ranting and raving on how China has been making a fool of America.

Trump blames the leaders missing in action for all these mishaps with other countries like the Otto Warmbier incident in North Korea. Today, Trump has a good relationship with Kim Jong-un and they are closing nuclear test sites. He then talks about the advantages of denuclearization and his current relationship status with these countries, including Russia and Korea. Trump states that he has had a very good couple of meetings with President Putin.

Trump then says that the military is doing well and will soon become the strongest in the world. He states that the Republicans have achieved the most historic win of the Constitution – confirming the newest member of the United States Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He also mentioned about Justice Neil Gorsuch. The Republican Party has a 93% high approval of Trump.

Trump states the Democrat Party is the exact opposite of the Republican Party. The Democrats want to release criminals from other countries into the American streets. They are against tax reduction, border, etc. Trump also reminds the people that Women’s unemployment just fell to 3.6%. He also abolished global freeloading, in which drug companies charge higher prices for Americans to subsidize lower prices for other countries. Under Trump’s direction, the Pentagon is now working to create the Space Force, the 6th branch of the American armed forces.

He concludes his speech by saying that he does not care about winning; he only cares about the American public and wishes the people to vote for Mike Bost.

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