FULL: President Donald Trump Speech at Rally in Topeka, Kansas on (Oct. 6, 2018)

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This video is about a political speech that President Donald Trump made in Topeka, Kansas on the 6th of October in 2018. Trump greets the public with the news of Brett Kavanaugh being elected to the Supreme Court of the United States as the judge and his signing of the judge’s commission on Air Force One.

The swearing ceremony of Kavanaugh as the justice will take place at White House in the East Room on the arriving Monday, Trump informs. The campaign which spells of animosity, launched by radical Democrats is called out as an ignominy by the President. Trump urges the citizens to exercise their voting rights on the 6th of November and elect a fair Republican government against the extremist Democrats who will take America down.

The decreasing of unemployment rates to 3.7%, the simultaneous creation of job opportunities, the boosting up of the economy, paying attention to the needs of veterans, all have been taken care of by the Republicans. On the other hand, Democrats want a border free America which will only create more crimes and Trump plans to seal borders and absolutely stop illegal immigration. Trump goes on to talk about ongoing deals with South Korea and China; he also comments on how bad a deal NAFTA was.

Trump then talks about tax rates and makes a promise of putting a cap of $2, when he is elected the Governor on property tax to let Kansans stay in their own houses which they currently cannot afford. He speaks against the left and says that he will do whatever it takes to “make Kansas great again”.

Trump talks about The Open Borders Bill that Democrats have signed at the U.S Senate and he is against this because America needs to keep its people safe. And if this bill is passed then the U.S will be infested with terrorism, drugs, and what nots. On the contrary, Republicans plan to strengthen the security by focusing on patrolling the borders, ICE, enforcement of law, etc, and demolishing sanctuary cities and instead, give benefits to Americans who need it.

Trump introduces several leaders of the Republican party and praises them on their work and sacrifice for America. He also says how unemployment in the African-American population and the Hispanic-American population, and among women has reached the lowest till date in America.

Trump mention the passing of Veterans Choice where they will get proper care and also the massive tax cuts in America. The Republican party is investing huge amounts in the military so that the people can be safe and Trump specifically mentions the efforts of The Pentagon that is planning to manufacture the 6th branch of American Armed Forces. He laments the unfair means that the press takes and urges them to deliver real news. He talks about the setting up of an American embassy in Israel and improving relations with them.

Trump’s party has also assisted in the deal that took place between the NFL and Canada which was long time due. He finished his speech by urgently asking for the people of Kansas to vote for the Republicans for a better future and a great America.

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