President Donald Trump Rally in Springfield Missouri Massive MAGA Rally 9-21-18

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President Trump Rally in Springfield Missouri

This video is about President Donald Trump’s speech at MAGA rally in Springfield, Missouri on September 21, 2018. President Trump starts his speech by saying that it is an incredible time for their nation as they have the best economy in their history. He mentions that the stock market hit its all-time high in 101 days. He says that they are bringing back their factories, reopening mines, restoring their industrial might, and finally rebuilding their nation.

Donald Trump adds that their military will be powerful than even before soon. He informs about a new bill Veterans Choice that will be fully funded for their great veterans that to be signed today. He says that they are finally putting America first but needs the support of people like Josh Hawley. Trump boasts about his victory in states like Texas, Utah, Georgia, and other states in elections of 2016. On talking about 2020 elections, he says that they expect endorsements from everybody like the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, and NBC.  He calls Josh Hawley, the next United States Senator from Missouri on stage.

Josh Hawley remarks that Trump is delivering as what promised earlier. He says that he is standing up for American workers, bringing back jobs from overseas, rising paychecks, cutting taxes, putting pro-Constitution judges like Brett Kavanaugh on the bench, and securing borders. He takes a toll on Claire McCaskill of the opposition party.

President Trump adds that they will never get a vote from Claire McCaskill as she will vote against Brett Kavanaugh, tax cuts, Kate’s Law, and enhanced vetting for refugees. He mentions that he saw the announcement that the stock market is up by 55 percent and 401(k)s are up by 50, 60, and 70 percent in some cases. Trump adds that Democrats want to kill their Medicare and Medicaid and raise their taxes. He says that his administration is working for their military by spending $700 billion and also for their veterans. He states that Democrats’ new platform is based on socialism and open borders.

Trump states that he won over Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania even after he spent three times less money than Hillary Clinton on campaigning for elections. On speaking of South Carolina, he says that they are going to through a lot as water is pouring down. But his administration is with them as they have the best first responders, military, law enforcement, and FEMA, which is the best in the world.

Donald Trump asks people to vote like they did two Novembers ago because Republicans want to protect Medicare against Democrats who want to raid it to pay for their socialism. He says that they do not want America to be like Venezuela and Josh is going to help him with that. He further adds that they cannot see Democrats to rob off their seniors of the benefits they paid throughout their lives.

Trump announces that Democrats want to abolish immigration enforcement entirely so gangs like MS-13 can run wild in their communities, whereas ICE keeps their communities safe. He says that his administration wants strong borders to put a stop to massive crimes while standing up for their brave men and women of ICE, border patrol, and law enforcement. He declares that these heroic officers track down gang members, predators, thieves, and killers while they threw them in jail or out of the country.

President Donald Trump states that if Congress could give them support then he could build that wall in a year to stop illegal activities. He adds that they are building the wall with $1.6 billion and another $1.6 billion, and then another billion on the way. He informs about the American embassy that is now open in Jerusalem ahead of its time of 25 years. He tells the story how he managed to get the embassy moved to Jerusalem with just $400,000 instead of $1.1 billion with the help of his friend David Friedman.

Trump says that they have achieved great things like increased GDP growth by 4.2 percent, jobless claims fell to a 50-year low, created 4 million new jobs, lifted 4 million Americans off food stamps, and added 400,000 new manufacturing jobs. He further adds that companies like Apple are bringing in $350 billion for building a new campus and $230 billion from offshore due to their new tax bill. He utters that Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian Americans unemployment reached their lowest levels in American history. Along with that, he says that poverty rates are also the lowest.

Donald Trump states that youth unemployment has also reached its lowest rate in 50 years while women unemployment at its lowest in 65 years. He says that they have replaced NAFTA with a new U.S.-Mexico trade deal, whereas working on with Canada separately. He says that Canada charges them 300 percent tax on dairy products while China took $500 billion from them last year. He informs that they charged 25 percent on $50 billion on Chinese imports in return and if they will retaliate, then they will go with $200 billion at 25 percent. On coming to North Korea, he says that they got their hostages and remains of their great heroes back. He adds that they are no longer testing rockets and missiles while informing that he received a great letter from his friend Kim Jong-un.

Trump says that Republicans have passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in history where Missouri will see a tax cut of more than $4 billion. He says that they have approved the landmark V.A. Accountability Act in half a century. He states that they are purchasing the finest planes, ships, tanks, missiles, artillery, and submarines for their military while securing $700 billion this year and $716 for the next one. He informs about the creation of the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces, Space Force by the Pentagon. Trump ends his speech by asking people of Missouri to vote for Josh Hawley. He ends it with “We will make America great again.”