Exclusive Interview: President Trump on Fox & Friends

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President Trump calls into ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss Ronny Jackson’s withdrawal, Michael Cohen and the possible North Korea summit

Ainsley Earhardt starts off this interview by announcing that US President Donald Trump’s interview will be conducted via telephone. Trump comes on the line and thanks her; he also states that it was Melania’s birthday.

Kilmeade asked him about Ronny Jackson and his now confirmed status that he would no longer be running to be a candidate to lead the VA and read out his statement. Trump praises Jackson. Kilmeade also said that Trump faced a huddle last night and asked what his decision was. To this, Donald Trump replied that they were very upset because Mike Pompeo, who is a brilliant person, got through, they thought they had him stopped.

Trump stated that the Democrats are obstructionists and it is very horrifying to see what they are up to. Hence, the Democrats are not approving people and taking at least 30 hours to interview them for approval. Trump told them about the numbers and said it would take at least nine years before any people are allowed to apply for jobs in the government. Kilmeade said why Mitch McConnell won’t keep them for seven days in a week till the approval is done. To this, Trump said that he thinks Mitch will and should be doing that. Trump says the Republicans are absolute warriors and the party is full of them. In a way, the party is showing how obstructionist the Democrats are.

Earnhardt asks that according to Dr. Ronny Jackson, all these allegations are baseless and just attack him, hence he is withdrawing his name. She also asks whether it is the win of the obstructionist when Trump’s nominees do not fight back. Trump replied yes and no to this. He added that Dr. Ronny Jackson is a highly respected individual and Jon Tester will have a lot of problems in his state because he removed a person to whom President Obama gave the highest ratings. Ronny Jackson was the family doctor of former Presidents Bush and Obama as well as Donald Trump.

Next, Doocy asked that since Dr. Jackson is absent, whom Trump will nominate next. Trump did not reveal the name. Doocy went on and asked about James Comey, the former FBI director, whom Trump fired. Trump, raising his voice, railed at James Comey for what he said were illegal leaks of classified information and advocated the Justice Department must hunt for all charges against him. Comey has alleged he never dripped any classified info.

To this, Trump said that Comey was a liar and a leaker who has been leaking secrets for years. Comey used to hand over classified information to his friend, which is an illegal act and said it himself to gain access to a special council against Trump.

This special council and many others found no such collusion between him and the Russians. To this, Doocy said that it was not classified and Trump denied it, saying that Comey has leaked the information and is guilty of crimes.

Next, Kilmeade asked about Michael Cohen. Trump said that he distanced himself from the legal troubles of this long-time personal attorney, Cohen, saying that he has done nothing wrong and Cohen has his hand over only a fraction of the total legal work. Trump said that Michael is a businessman who has a business and also practices law.

Moving forward, Earnhardt asked Donald Trump about Kanye West, stating that the latter tweeted he loves him and the left goes ballistic. To this, Trump replied that he has got a lot of support from the black community because of the work he has been doing to better their lives. According to Trump, if Hillary would have had come into power, she would have just added a lot of rules and regulations. Trump then talks about how the African Americans voted for him and support him.

Doocy went ahead and asked about the political discourse that the USA is facing right now that when someone comes out and says they like Donald Trump, the political left goes out and destroys them. To this, Trump replied that this is exactly what happens when they make tremendous progress and earn fans.

Trump made a bit of news when talking about his proposed upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, saying that the meeting has been narrowed down to “three or four” dates and five locations.

The president also took digs at the coverage of the media on his North Korean policy, saying that Kim has made several concessions on his nuclear program, while the US has not given up anything. When asked about how he would rate himself after a year, the president said that he would give himself an A+ owing to the work he has done within a year, which no other president has done.

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