President Trump participates in a Customs and Border Protection roundtable. VA. Feb 2, 2018

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President Trump participates in a Customs and Border Protection roundtable. Feb 2, 2018. Border Patrol National Targeting Center.  Sterling, VA.

The video is about the roundtable that President Donald Trump participated in at the Border Patrol National Targeting Center in Sterling, VA on the 2nd of February, 2018. Secretary Nielsen opens the conference by stating some facts about the difficulties they face at the National Targeting Center. He says that about 70 important terrorists attempt to enter America on a daily basis and the people of the National Targeting Center try to solve this issue.
Further Acting Commissioner of CBP, Mr. Macaleenan takes over and informs the President about the security measures at the border and why they need more funding. He said that the number of people trying to cross the border illegally has dropped massively after Trump came to power. But recently there has been a rise in the numbers with families and orphaned children trying to cross the border.
Mr. Mcaleenan also mentioned that people come to claim space in America at the ports and this is due to lacks in American legislation. There are also smugglers who attempt to bring drugs illegally into America that already has a growing issue of drug overdoses. The security forces at the border have also experienced a growth in assault by 45% and they risk their lives for the safety and security of the citizens.
President Trump questions the cause of such assaults to which the Acting Commissioner replies that it is because of the dangerous drug dealing population accompanied by the population of immigrants. He says that a secure system needs to be built at the border. This is followed by Trump asking about the origin of the drugs and Mcaleenan replies that it comes from South America, mostly in Colombia and Peru and passes through Mexico.
Trump expresses concern about the efforts of the Mexican and the Colombian governments in stopping the drug trafficking to which Mcaleenan replies that the dialogues between the governments have increased and they are trying.
Secretary Nielsen thanks Trump for signing the INTERDICT Act that has proved to be instrumental in the drug case. At this point, the President expresses his opinion on the measures to be taken to control the drug dealing case. He says that tough laws and measures need to be taken up against the people who are dealing in drugs and he does not believe in the blue ribbon committees.
Trump assures the people that his administration is trying very hard to stop drug trafficking from neighboring countries and illegal immigration. Trafficking Victims Act is there for the protectionof children but criminals take advantage of the law to gain access to America. Trump and the officials agree on the fact that laws need to be changed.
A family coming into America illegally can get detained only for a few weeks by the ICE and then they have to released after which most of them end up staying in America. Mr. Homan says that the lives of people at the border need to be saved. Talking about sanctuary cities, Mr. Homan mentions that most offenders commit an offense again and again, which is a threat to the public. If ICS Is not allowed to take a criminal into custody then it becomes very unsafe for the people of ICE to go searching for criminals.
Mr. John Cronan says that MS-13 with about 10,000 members is of the topmost importance now and they need to be tackled. Trump says that the concerned authorities should do whatever it takes to stop these criminal activities. Mr. Cronan mentions that gang violence is a major concern in America. Trump plans to take a tough stand with countries involved in supplying drugs and immigrants to America. He ends by talking about taking care of DACA which the Democrats are not concerned about.

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