President Trump speech in Nashville, TN. January 8, 2018. Farm Bureau Federation’s 99th Annual

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President Trump remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 99th Annual Convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.January 8, 2018

The video focuses on President Donald Trump’s speech in Nashville, Tennessee on the 8th of January, 2018. Trump begins his speech thanking the Secretary of agriculture for the introduction. Trump says that Americans have been doing better than before since November 8th. He mentions that he is the first President in more than 25 years to address the American Farm Bureau.

Trump stresses on the huge contribution of the American farmers in the independence and the growth of the nation. He calls out to the farmers, thanking them because they have always taken the lead in the upliftment of America.

Trump’s often quoted phrase “Make America great again” is mentioned here as well by him in the context of what Republicans have done for America after he became the President. He says that 2 million new jobs have been created,the economic growth has surged by 3%, unemployment has significantly gone down, and the a lot of African American employment has be facilitated. The US Stock market is creating new records with the American Dream seeming very palpable.

According to Trump, Democrats voted against tax cuts for farmers butRepublicans made it possible with achieving a tax cut of 5.5 trillion dollars. Under the new law, Trump mentions thatsmall scale businesses and rural families will receive massive tax cuts. All  American businesses will be able to deduct 100% of their cost of new equipment in the year you make the investment. A lot of family farms and small business owners will be spared from the famous State tax.

Fighting for the great American flag.Flag and National Anthem to be respected.

EPA, FTA, and other Federal agencies and their regulatory assaults, cut 22 regulations for every single one new regulation. The terrible ‘Waters of the United States Rule’is being tried to be roll back by Trump’s administration. Reviewing the trade agreements so that they are reciprocal.Pass farm bill that includes crop insurance.

Trump had deployed a special task force find out the problems in struggling communities, and found that access to broadband internet in rural America is problematic. Trump promised to sign two Presidential bills to provide faster internet, make reforms related to infrastructure to make the best roadways and waterways available for rural communities.

Trump says that the problem of drug addiction will be tackled by confronting the opioid epidemic. And border patrol agencies are already taking care of this. He focuses on ending chain migration and is planning to make America safe.

Trump draws attention to the incident that happened on Jan 8 in Tennessee, 1812 when the British army seemed made a clear attack on America. Trump pays his respects to General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee who with a few thousand Americans went to New Orleans to defend the port against England.

He ends his speech by saying that American should preserve the great history of America in this new patriotic era where the farmers will be leading because as Trump remembers, “Farm country is God’s country”.