President Trump remarks in Ellington Field, Texas. Sep 2, 2017. Hurricane Harvey Relief Center

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President Trump and First Lady Participate in a Visit at Hurricane Harvey Relief Center. Houston. 9/02/17.

This video is about President Donald Trump’s speech at Hurricane Harvey Relief Center in Houston, Texas on September 2, 2017. He starts his speech congratulating the governor and other people those have worked really hard. He announces to the faith-based people that they have National Prayer Day tomorrow and it was an official proclamation.

So, Donald Trump states that tomorrow is a very big day for all. Along with that, he exclaims that they must go to church, pray, and enjoy your day. He thanks Senator Cruz for working so hard with all. He declares that they have signed some very big authorizations the previous night and they will get through it. Next, he thanks Brock as the water is disappearing in the neighborhoods. However, he says that two days ago or even yesterday, they had a lot of water but now, all have swept and cleaned up.

Trump thanks other hard working people like Ben Carson, Elaine Duke, David Shulkin, the great governor, and the great first lady of Texas. He remarks that the coordination between the federal, the state, and the local has been terrific. He appreciates David as he has taken over the Veterans Administration while doing great things for the veterans.

President Trump says that now, people have choices and they do not have to wait in line for nine days or fourteen days as they used to do before. He speaks about the new program where people just have to go to a doctor and everything is taken care of in a faster way. He further adds that in the end, it will be less expensive. Trump recalls that bad things happen to people when they could not see a doctor but now, they go out and get great medical care quickly. Donald Trump ends his speech by reminding the audience about National Prayer Day tomorrow.