Donald Trump’s Epic Speech at United Nations General Assembly – 19th September 2017

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Donald Trump’s Epic Speech at United Nations General Assembly – 19th September 2017

This video is about President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 19, 2017. President Donald Trump starts his speech by acknowledging successes of his administration like the stock market sets its all-time high record and the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years because of their regulatory and other reforms. He talks about people working like ever before, moving back of companies, creating job growth, and spending of $700 billion on their military and defense to make it the strongest like never before.

Trump says that this institution was founded to shape a better future due to the aftermath of two world wars, which was based on the vision that various nations would cooperate to protect their sovereignty, preserve their security, and promote their prosperity. He mentions that it was exactly 70 years ago when the United States launched the Marshall Plan to restore Europe. He says that this week they are celebrating the 230th anniversary of their beloved Constitution, which is the oldest constitution in the world still in use today. He recalls three promising words of the constitution those are “We the people” for which many generations of Americans have sacrificed themselves.

President Donald Trump says that he is always going to put America first just like other leaders who should put their countries first. However, he adds that we all need to work together in close harmony and unity so as to create a safe and peaceful future for all. Instead of seeking territorial expansion after the bloodiest war in history from Europe to the Middle East to Asia, he remarks that Americans have built institutions like this to defend sovereignty, security, and prosperity for all. He says that they want harmony and friendship instead of conflict and strife.

Trump says that we must protect our nations, their interests, and their futures. He adds that all should reject threats from Ukraine to the South China Sea against sovereignty while respecting the law, borders, culture, and peaceful engagement. He remarks that as founders of this institution, we must work together and confront issues like chaos, turmoil, and terror together. On coming to North Korea, no one has shown more contempt to its own people and other nations than this regime. He says that North Korea threatens the entire world for its reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. He adds that there are some nations who supply arms and financial support to this regime that imperils the world with nuclear conflict.

Donald Trump states that if there will be a question of defending themselves or their allies, they will totally destroy North Korea. He adds hopefully it would not be necessary as long as the United Nations is there. He talks about the United Nations Security Council who recently held two 15-0 votes for adopting hard-hitting resolutions against North Korea. He thanks China and Russia who joined votes to impose sanctions along with other members.

After that, Trump speaks about the Iranian government who masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the veil of democracy and whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos. He says that its leaders use profits of oil to fund terrorists like Hezbollah who kills their peaceful neighbors like Arab and Israeli. He talks about the Iran deal signed by the United States, which was an utter embarrassment to the nation. He speaks about his meeting with the leaders of 50 Arab and Muslim nations who all agreed for working together to confront terrorism as well as the Islamic extremism.

President Trump talks about their big gains in Syria and Iraq to defeat ISIS. He utters that their country has made more success against ISIS in the last eight months. He adds that Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people and that is the reason that the United States carried out a missile strike on Syrian airbase that launched the attack.

Donald Trump thanks countries like Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon who play a significant role in hosting refugees from Syria while the United States has spent billions and billions of dollars in order to support their effort. He says that the United States also support agreements of the G20 nations who like to host refuges as close to their home countries as possible. He salutes the United Nations who addresses the problems of people that force them to flee their countries. He says that the United Nations and African Union have led peacekeeping missions to stabilize conflict in America along with that the UN provides humanitarian assistance to the world including famine relief in South Sudan, Somalia, northern Nigeria, and Yemen.

Trump mentions about health programs like PEPFAR, the Global Health Security Agenda, the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery, and the Women Entrepreneur’s Finance Initiative to empower women all across the globe. He says that the United States is one country out of 193 in the UN but still they pay 22 percent of the entire budget. He asks other nations to promote secure and prosperous societies recalling the incident of the corrupt Western Hemisphere as well as imposing of sanctions on the socialist Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela. He says that wherever, from the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish, devastation, and failure.

President Trump ends his speech saying that they all need to work on their mission to fight, sacrifice, and stand together for peace, freedom, justice, family, humanity, and for God. He ends his speech by hailing out “God bless the United States of America”.

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