President Trump Press Conference on North Korea, Russia, China. August 10, 2017. NJ. Golf Club.

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Watch: President Trump press conference. North Korea. Russia. China. Aug 10, 2017 New Jersey Golf Club.

This video is about President Donald Trump’s interview at a press conference on North Korea, Russia, and China at New Jersey Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey on August 10, 2017. Trump starts his speech informing about his meeting on North Korea, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and the Middle East that day. One reporter asked him about his decision on Afghanistan for adding more troops, to that Trump answers that they are getting close as it is a very big decision for him as he took over a mess. He says that it has been a place of 17-year longest war and a decision is going to be made very soon.
Another reporter asked President Trump about his announcement on transgender ban reversal a few weeks ago, Trump retorts that he has a great respect for the community and the military is working on it as it is a very tough situation.
One of the reporters asked for his response to Russian President expelling 755 workers from American embassies, Trump says that he is thankful for it as it has cut down payroll for the United States.
On being asked about the raid by the FBI at Paul Manafort’s house predawn, Trump says that he was with the campaign for a very short period of time. He adds that he always found Paul Manafort to be a very decent man but probably makes consultation fees from all over the place. However, it was a tough stuff to wake him or his family.
Another reporter questions his relationship with the Attorney General. Trump answers that he is working hard on the border like General Kelly, who is his Chief of Staff because of his outstanding work on the border. He further adds that they are down 78 percent at the border, which nobody has thought of in the past. It was considered to be an achievement to be down by just 1 percent. Trump exclaims that he is proud of what he has done in the last six months as they have passed 48 bills and massive executive orders. Along with that, he speaks about the highest business enthusiasm and the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years while mentioning about companies moving back into the United States like Foxconn.
On North Korea, Trump threatens by saying that they have disrespected our country a lot of times and if anything happens in Guam as they said, it is going to be an event what will happen in North Korea thereafter.
President Donald Trump says that he wants to countries like Russia, the United States, China, Pakistan, and various others to get rid of nuclear weapons as Nuclear is the greatest threat worldwide than global warming. He adds that he wants their nuclear arsenal to be the finest in the world until such thing happens. Trump says that he is going to work on the nuclear before working on the military by increasing many billions of dollars. He adds that he will increase anti-missiles by a substantial amount of money.
Another reporter asks him about Iran whether in compliance or not regarding nuclear deals, Trump answers “No” to that by further instigating that Obama gave Iran $150 billion and $1.8 billion in cash. On being asked about the leak investigation announced by the Attorney General, Donald Trump remarks that leaks are coming out of intelligence and various departments due to Syria and North Korea. He says that they have to put a stop to leaks for the national security of their country.
One reporter asks about his passing notes to the special counsel, Bob Mueller. He says that they are working with him as everyone says there is no collusion when so much is going around. On speaking about Russia, he says that Russia has a problem with him as the United States is spending hundreds of billions of dollar on their military and become an exporter of oil and gas along with low energy prices. Hence, Russia spends a lot of money on false reports.
On the infrastructure bill, Trump says that he wants a strong infrastructure bill to fix roads, bridges, schools, and airports as the States have wasted $6 trillion in the Middle East, which can instead be used to fix all these things.
Coming back on the special counsel, Bob Mueller, President Donald Trump says he wants the Senate and the House to come out with their findings while not dismissing anyone as of now. He recalls the great moment about the governor of West Virginia, Jim who became a Republican and left the Democratic Party.
President Donald Trump ends his interview showing his respect for the intelligence community. He says that they have to straighten out a lot of things like the Middle East and North Korea. He remarks his victory by 15-0 from the Security Council at the United Nations. Lastly, he says that they are going to have a big impact on North Korea.


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