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This video is about a speech that President Donald Trump made to a joint session of Congress. The date marks the ending of the commemoration of Black History Month and reminds the Americans that a lot more needs to be achieved in terms of civil rights. Trump says that America is moving towards an awakening of the true American spirit in all its forms. After 9 years, comments the President, America will complete 250 years of its freedom but just that is not enough.

The future needs to be bright for the generations to come with a lot of changes in the policies and administration. In the year 2016, Americans started demanding their rights and that they should be the priority of the government. This demand will be achieved by Trump who plans to give jobs to the unemployed, activate industries, sponsor the military, new infrastructure will be brought, etc.

Already changes have started showing, like the better business at the stock market, companies starting to invest in America, cutting atrocious taxes, ban on lobbying at the White House, cutting down unnecessary regulations, etc. The beginning of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipelines and the Keystone pipeline is another important achievement. The involvement of the USA in the Trans-Pacific Partnership has also been taken back.

Trump has joined hands with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, to create a congenial atmosphere for the women to thrive in business. Steps are being taken to crush down crimes that are violent in America and to control the terrorists and the issue of drug dealing that has infiltrated America. The security wall will be built along the southern border of America, to ensure safety for its citizens. The vetting procedures are being worked on to keep America safe.

The strong alliance of Israel and America has been reiterated along with running propaganda against forces that support the missile program of Iran. Trump says that he has been true to his words by appointing a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.

Just as the President charts out his agendas, he also informs people of the baggage e has received from the earlier administrations. 94 million Americans are unemployed, with more than 43 million people living in poverty-stricken conditions. The country is in debts, manufacturing jobs have been lost since the approval of NAFTA, and America has lost factories as well. The trade deficit amounts to $800 billion and the foreign policy is not profitable for America.

Tax reforms will make it easier for the companies in America to successfully do business and a system will be created for companies in America that will not allow them to leave easily. The immigration system in America will be changed to a merit-based one like in the case of Australia, Canada, etc.

The interstate highway system has been inaugurated, which will pave the way for great transport in America. Trump is working towards a nation-building project to “Make America great again”. Two central tenets of Buy American and Hire American will be followed.

Obamacare will be taken down because it is a sham, says Trump. In order to do this, people who already have a healthcare cover, need to be given a chance to shift to the government plan smoothly. Every American should be assisted by the government to buy their own cover and the States should be given resources to cater to every individual.

Reforms should be done legally to ensure that extra costs can be cut down in health covers and people should get access to health insurance from international companies as well. Childcare and women’s healthcare will be ken care of so that every person can receive it. Measures will be taken to provide better living conditions in terms of the environment as well. Trump then mentions a survivor of a rare disease whose father helped develop the cure for her sickness. This shows that efforts and love can do anything, but unnecessary rules at the FDA often create hurdles. Education is another agenda and a bill is under consideration that will make education accessible to the underprivileged.

VOICE is an office that has been facilitated by the President to address the concerns of the people who have been victims of violence and crime. Veterans will also receive support from Trump who has included their needs in his budget. NATO will be backed completely by the Trump administration and any nation willing to work in a co-operative and healthy manner with the USA will be welcomed by Trump. He concludes by calling out to the entire nation to unite and serve the nation to make it great.

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