Donald Trump Delivers His Last EPIC Florida Speech Of This Election In Sarasota, FL

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GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, delivers his last presidential speech in Sarasota, Florida on 11-07-2016

Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that together they are going to win Florida. He says that Florida is his second house, but Hillary does not know anything about the state. On the last day of his campaign, he says that he is not looking for any credit to create a great movement in the history of American politics. Rather, he is looking forward to make America great again.
He mocks Hillary and Obama for making America a laughing stock of the world. Trump says that if Americans do not vote for change now, they will not get another chance in the next four years or forever because Hillary plans to import generations of crime, terror, and radicalization to America.
He mentions Billy Graham as he turns 98 that day. When he decided to become a politician from being an insider, the politicians and the industrialists were shocked after they learnt that Trump was running for president. He says that the real change for him begins when he will replace and repeal Obamacare. He mentions that the current leadership is planning to increase the premiums by double digits to almost 116% increase. He says that the American companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and the deductibles are going through the roof. Obamacare is going to be even more expensive.
He believes that the real change also means to restore honesty to the government. Trump says that Hillary deleted thousands of emails after she received the congressional subpoena. He says that it is upto the Americans to deliver justice to the ballot box the next day. If he wins, he says that together they will drain the swamp. He mocks Hillary for inviting entertainers such as Jay Z and Beyonce to her rally to pull crowds. As those entertainers used fowl language, most people left the hall, but media still refrained from showing the truth about Hillary,
Trump says that at the core of his contract, he plans to bring back jobs that America has lost since NAFTA. He plans to impose 35% taxes on the imported products manufactured by companies that left America. He tells the audience that most African Americans are not coming out to vote for any presidential candidate, and even if they do, they are voting for Trump.
Trump plans to cancel the funds worth billions of dollars to the global warming payments to the UN since there are no concrete proofs for the usage of that money. He will invest that money into the American infrastructure as America needs crystal clear water, immaculately clear air, and safety of citizens.
He remembers Generals Douglas Mc Arthur and General George Paton for their wise military decisions as the American leadership announces crucial military plans in advance to the enemy. Whether the Americans vote for Trump or not, he promises to be with them. He promises to keep Radical Islamic Terrorism out of America and build safe zones in Syria to avoid immigrants in America.
He promises that he will build a wall at the American- Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it. He promises to rebuild the depleted military, help the friends in Cuba from the oppressive regime of Castro, fight for the political and religious freedom of the people of Cuba, and stand with their friends for their freedom struggle in Venezuela.
He shams Obama for his worst decisions with Israel. The Iran deal with America made the former rich and set them on the path of nuclear weapons. The Medal of Honor recipients are also against Hillary as president. Talking about firefighters, he mentions their miseries in the country. He promises to make the biggest tax cuts since Ronald Regan, cancel every illegal Obama executive order, protect the religious liberty of everyone, and save the Second Amendment.
He says that if all of them begin working as one people, under one God, and under one American flag, they are only one day away from the change they want. He promises that together they will make America wealthy, prosperous, safe, strong, and great again.

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