Donald Trump Election Rally, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Saturday, October 15, 2016
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Donald Trump Rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Toyota of Portsmouth (10/15/2016) – Full Speech: Donald Trump Speech, Event Campaign, Live event in Portsmouth FL – Donald Trump Portsmouth Speech, New Hampshire Rally
This video is about Donald Trump’s rally at Toyota in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He begins his speech by saying that he will win America. Only 24 days are left for the elections and if he gets elected, he will make America great again. He will bring in a real change into the nation that will put America first. He will sign great trade deals.
Trump tells the audience about the rising murders, illegal immigration, high taxes, etc. He says that he will stop all this and cut taxes. He will end Common Core education system and localize education. He will repeal and replace the disaster, commonly known as ObamaCare.
Plus, he will raise salaries of people under his administration and not let companies move out of America. Even if they plan to move out, they will have to bear the consequences of doing so, which is giving 35 per cent extra tax on every single product that they pass through America.
Trump disparages Hillary Clinton by saying that she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office and everyone knows this. She has committed some serious conspiracies and if she gets elected she will further destroy the nation. But, he will not let this happen.
Under his administration, he will secure the borders and build the wall for which Mexico will pay. He will stop drugs from pouring into the country. Border patrol agents will be allowed to do their job freely. They too want the wall. He will send illegal immigrants out of America. He will do everything within law, order, and justice. Everything will be perfect in America under his government.
Trump further says that he will help with the recovery of people who are addicted to drugs. He will provide them medications and give doctors all the tools that they need. He will also take care of the veterans. With these steps, he will ensure that every American struggling from addiction can recover.
Trump then talks about the economic crises in America. This includes various companies departing the nation, lower salaries, etc. Trump says that he will fix the terrible trade deals, including NAFTA. He reports that nearly 47 million Americans are living in poverty today and America is in a lot of trade deficit with goods.
If he gets elected, he will renegotiate NAFTA, sign great trade deals, lower taxes massively, rebuild the depleted military, take care of veterans, save the second amendment, and appoint the right justices to the United States’ supreme courts. Trump notifies the audience that they have 24 days to make their every dream come true. He asks them to go out and vote on November 8, 2016. He ends his speech by saying that he will make America great again.

Watch the video below, which covers some of the famous Trumpisms of Donald Trump. You would surely have a fun time listening to the great phrases and remarks from Mr. Trump. Feel free to comment on the video and do not forget to donate as little as 99 cents in order to help the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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