Donald Trump Election Rally, Novi, Michigan

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Friday, September 30, 2016
Novi, Michigan

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showplace on 9/30/2016
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that they will take their country back on November 8. He says that Hillary Clinton is getting rich by taking away the jobs of Americans. She refuses to admit that she called TPP the gold standard of trade deals. She is getting rich by taking away the jobs of Americans. Special interest groups pay her millions of dollars for her speeches despite being a terrible speaker.
He asks his supporters to think of the slogan ‘follow the money’ when they think about her. She does not believe in American jobs or sovereignty. Many lobbyists who are lobbying for her are voting for TPP. On November 8, they will end the corruption in America. He mentions that Hillary is an outsider working for the lobbyists, but he is an insider working for the people of America.
Trump says that people used to earn more money in real wages 30 years ago than they do right now. Obamacare has made people work harder and made medical care unaffordable. The Wall Street people have donated almost $100 million to Hillary. Favors and access are granted to those who write checks. However, he has spent his own money, so he does not have to comply with the wishes of others.
Hillary deleted and bleached 33,000 emails after receiving the congressional subpoena, which is criminal. She said there were wedding and yoga photos in those emails; she also got rid of her 13 phones. People are tired of her lies and being treated like second class citizens. She has been particularly evil for African American people. He asks people that since they are not better off than before, they have nothing to lose by voting for him.
He gives the example of terrible condition of Detroit where 40% people are living in poverty. Trump says that his administration will bring prosperity to America. He calls Obamacare a catastrophe and wants to repeal and replace it.
He promises to renegotiate NAFTA and gives another example of Ford moving its small cars plant to Mexico. He says that when Hillary was the senator of New York State, she lost more jobs. She even failed her bar exam in Washington DC. Obama has opened the Internet to the vulnerability of hackers. He says that it is not the job of his country to represent the global community. He is running to be the president of America, not of the world.
He reports the dishonest reporting of media about his rally crowds. He tells that the commission of the debate just announced that his microphone in the debate was defective. Hillary has been in politics for more than 30 years, but she has an awful record of failures. He says that they will show the world that America is back, bigger, better and stronger.
He says that he will make childcare affordable; Evanka Trump wants it and he wants it too. He will bring automobile jobs back in Michigan, eliminate common core, end illegal immigration, build the wall, stop the drugs, kick the radical Islamic terrorism out of America, keep the second amendment, take care of inner cities, Hispanics, support men and women of law enforcement, appoint justices to the Supreme Court of the US who will uphold the constitution of the US, rebuild the infrastructure, and take care of steel workers and miners. He says that the American hands will rebuild this nation. He asks people to imagine what they can accomplish under one god and one American flag. He says that Mexico will pay for the wall because of their massive trade deficit with America.
Together with the people, he pledges to make America Safe, strong, wealthy, and great again.

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