Donald Trump Election Rally, Loveland, Colorado

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Monday, October 03, 2016
Loveland, Colorado

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump held a presidential Rally in Loveland, Colorado at the Budweiser Events Center on 10/3/2016
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that they will win the White House on November 8. He requests his supporters to mail in their ballots. If they do not mail them, they will let the opportunity of winning pass. They should arrive at their homes around October 20th. Trump mentions that he has more than 19 recipients of Medal of Honor along with 200 generals and admirals. He mocks at the current administration for revealing their plans against terrorism and making fun of themselves.
He mentions that almost 800 people were to be deported the previous week, but they were made the US citizens instead and the actual number was around 1700. He says that Hillary Clinton wants to shut down oil and natural gas from America, but he will put the miners back to work. During the debate, she focuses on petty things instead of talking about borders, trade, refugees, crime, failing schools, etc. Trump claims that he will make the largest tax cut since Ronald Regan.
It is these politicians who write the tax quote, which is a favor to the special interest groups. As a major real estate developer, Americans have various taxes such as federal, city, states, sales, employees, vat, and Trump calls it his job to minimize the overall taxes. In the recession of 2008, the business landscape had completely changed; there was implosion of retail market, bank failures, collapse of savings and loan industry, and real estate was a disaster. However, Trump’s companies did not fail unlike many of his friends and foes. He says that he is in a much better position than ever before. In fact, he could have been enjoying the fruits of his hard work, but he is working for the country now.
He says that Hillary’s only method of earning is to sell government favors, but he knows how to survive a business out of recession. She has never made an honest dollar in her life, it is corruption of the highest order, but he makes his money a successful private business person. Trump says that America has a rich history of Latinos and immigrants and everyone is entitled to protection and great life. Hillary has been in the system for more than 30 years, still she has a terrible record of failures. She has brought enormous poverty to the African Americans and she even refused to admit that she stated TPP to be the gold standard of trade deals. She has received $150 million for her speeches from the special interest groups, and $2 million as speaking fees from the Goldman Sachs.
Her deals allowed 20% of the America’s uranium to Russia and they got a huge amount against the deal. She bleached and deleted 33,000 emails after receiving the congressional subpoena. Trump mentions several cases of deported illegal immigrants who were indulged in criminal activities. And Hillary wants to increase the intake of illegal immigrants to 550%.
He promises to end common core and give school choice to people, repeal and replace Obamacare, make child care affordable, save second amendment, support men and women of law enforcement, appoint justices of the Supreme Court to uphold and preserve the constitution. Together with people, he will unite and rebuild America. He promises to make America wealthy, strong, safe, and great again.

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