Donald Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit in DC

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Friday , September 09, 2016
Values Voter Summit in DC

GOP, Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, holds a presidential rally at Values Voter Summit in DC on 09-09-16
Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that he has spent a lot of time with Evangelicos. He says that it has become difficult for a Christian family to raise their kids in America. He promises to protect the Christian heritage in his regime. The power of faith is to heal and unite. It is the peoples’ faith in god and unity that will take them back to unity. Trump wants to give back the power of the churches to them. They had more power in the past.
At present, the pastors are forbidden to speak under the Johnson amendment. If they dare to speak, they will lose their status of tax redemption. He told the people that Lindon Johnson had problems with the churches in 1954. That is why; he brought this amendment. He says that people on the streets have more power than the churches. He commits that he will repeal and replace the Obamacare.
Talking about schools, he says that most of the poor and disadvantaged kids are trapped in bad public schools. He says that despite ruling the state of America for decades, the Democratic Party could not do much for the people. Talking about Hillary, he condemns her because she is all talk, no action. He says that the Americans have nothing to lose if they vote for Trump since America cannot become worse than what it is today.
Trump states that his policy will break the state monopoly for schools. He will pursue a better school choice program, in which will keep aside $12,000 for every disadvantaged children. After losing justice Skuleya, the next American president might witness a record for the Supreme Court judges. He promises to build up the military, healthcare, and repeal and replace Obamacare.
Talking about national security, he blames the current government for not having any control over other nations. North Korea recently performed its 5th nuclear test. It is the 4th test since Hillary Clinton became the Secretary of State. She has failed at everything and her policies have put Iran on the path of nuclear weapons. Iran was almost on the verge of dying a year ago, and now they have received $400 billion in cash. ISIS is carrying out genocide in the Middle East and Trump promises to curb this evil. He plans to use cyber, military, and ideological warfare against the ISIS. He wants to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and denounces Hillary and Obama for not acknowledging the terrorism by its name.
He will not allow the illegal immigrants in America. He mocks Hillary for disclosing her plans for war when she said that there will be no boots on the ground. That is why; ISIS wants her to become the president so that they can make America weak. She mysteriously lost 13 iPhones just before when the FBI caught them. She used hammer to destroy her phones. She lied about her emails and gives a different answer every week. It is high time that integrity and honesty is restored in the government.
Massive job cuts have happened in the country and Trump plans to bring back the jobs to America. He promises to lift the restrictions on American energy and renegotiate NAFTA. He mentions that America just lost a 92-year old champion, Phyllis Chapman and he will go to the her funeral. She endorsed Trump when it was not a popular thing to do. He says that all humans are equal since they are born from the same creator. Therefore, nothing is impossible for anyone to do.
He says a Biblical verse- “No one has ever seen god. If we love one another, god lives in us and his love is made complete in us”. He says that his country can do wonders if they all work together under one God and one flag. Beginning in 2017, they will be one American nation. It is time to embrace a new American future. He concludes his speech by saying that together we will make America believe, united, and great again.
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