Donald Trump Election Rally, Wilmington, OH

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Thursday , September 01, 2016
Wilmington, OH

GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held his presidential rally in Wilmington, NC at Roberts Centre on 09-01-16
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that a new era of American greatness is about to begin, and it will start a little ahead of date on the coming November 8. . Hillary Clinton backed NAFTA, China’s entrance into world trade organization, job killing trade deal with South Korea, and TPP- all these were one bad deal after another. Ohio lost one fourth of its jobs since she came.
Trump commits to bring the jobs back and deal with joblessness, crime, and terror. He mentions about the $800 billion trade deficit Obama is going to leave as his legacy. Trump promises a new legacy for America and he will begin in by abolishing TPP. He says that Hillary wants to put the coal miners out of business, but he will put them back to work.
Trump states that he will create more jobs and put the African- Americans and the Latinos in the mainstream. He says that he will bring the education local and empower people to choose good schools for their children. He wants every child of the country to be a part of the American Dream.
He plans and commits to build the wall at the southern American border at the expense of Mexican government. He mentions that he laid out his plan for the immigrants the previous night. He has the compassion for all people, but he has more compassion for the Americans. The Mexican President and he have the shared desire to put the cartels out of business and to keep jobs in their hemisphere. He talks about the corruption in government.
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton allowed a Russian company to take an increased stake in a company called Uranium one, giving up control of about 20% of the uranium supply of America to the Russians. Clinton’s approval of the deal gave them millions of dollars. Bill Clinton receives millions of dollars for his speeches.
The telecom giant called Ericson came under the US pressure to sell telecom equipment to several oppressive governments including Sudan, Syria, and Iran. Some of these regimes used technology to monitor and control their people. Ericson sponsored Bill Clinton’s speech by paying 750,000 for his speech, which became his highest paid speech.
Trump says that his administration will end government corruption since he will have one set of rules for everyone. In Hilary’s regime, she keeps a set of rules for herself and another set for the other people.
He states that every insider getting rich is throwing money at Hillary. The powerful are protecting the powerful, and insiders are fighting for insiders. Every day you turn on the nightly news, every new lobbyist, a big bank, or a politician opposes Trump or his campaign. He says that he is merely the messenger and he wears their opposition as a badge of honor.
Trump, at last, says that he is with the people; he will fight for them, and win for them. He promises to make America strong, safe, prosperous, and great again. He urges people to vote on the coming November 8.

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