Donald Trump Election Rally, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Tuesday , September 06, 2016
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sandler Center

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia on September 6, 2016
This video is a live interview of Donald trump conducted by Gen. Michael Flynn. Flynn begins by introducing the agenda of interview, which will include questions on veterans, healthcare, national security, etc.
Flynn: The world is in a complex state than it has ever been in and all the nations are going through a complete mess. I want to ask about our veterans. What can you do to improve the situation of vets?
Trump: I have been involved with them from the last year. It is such a big problem; they wait for seven days in a row for the treatment and ultimately die. People cannot see the doctors because of the system and administration. 22 people a day commit suicide, which is unbelievable. If I win the elections, I will allow the people to just cross the street, see a doctor and they will be taken care of at a private or public hospital, and the government will take care of their bills.
Flynn: The female veterans are in a more terrible situation. What do you have to say about that?
Trump: They are more forgotten section of the veterans. We are going to help the female veterans. They will have the right to go to the nearest hospital and the government will pay the expenses.
Flynn: What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s current refugee policies and how do they differ from yours?
Trump: She is a disaster in so many different ways. She was brought so far left by Berney Sanders. He said it right that our country is being ripped off. She thinks that everything is more or less fine and that 550% more refugees can come into America. You see the damage one person can do. We do not know where they are coming from. I want to build safe havens in their native countries and have the other nations build them. Obama has already doubled the national debt.
Flynn: They also affect our healthcare system.
Trump: You have illegal immigrants who are treated better than veterans in America are.
He praises people in the room who have done great job.
Flynn: Iran has engaged in growing hostilities. At present, what are you going to do about Iran?
Trump: They have become rich and powerful. The Iran deal is the worst trade deal. Obama paid $150 billion for the hostages and then $400 million in cash in different denominations of different places. Who has the power to sanction such deals? Iran was dying and we made them a power. They are threatening for Israel and the USA. They learnt the US navy gestures from us and they wanted to blow us. They humiliated our country, the only reason we got them back because we paid them a fortune. We gave them Iraq, which was more or less same militarily. John Kerry is a terrible negotiator, but Hillary wanted this deal. The deal with Iran was at the highest level of incompetence.
Flynn: I want to remind people that Iran is the still designated by the US state department as the leading state sponsor of terrorism and we have put them on a path of nuclear weapons.
Trump: ISIS is now present in 28 different places and we cannot control them now. Hillary likes to play tough with Russia, and ironically Putin looks at her and laughs. Isn’t it good to collaborate with Russia and knock out ISIS because they also hate ISIS?
Flynn: Can you talk a bit about military, cyber, financial and ideological issues and expand on these a bit?
Trump: Cyber is so big and ISIS is using internet to recruit people. They are playing with the psychology and ideology of the people. We have to knock them out because they have powerful weaponry. We are allowing refugees to come here who have cell phones with ISIS pictures in them. We cannot allow them since this small percentage of refugees can cause huge problems.
Flynn: Do you support regime change in Syria?
Trump: Iran and Russia are on the side of Asad from Syria. When John Kerry went to negotiate, he never left the table when his terms were not met. First, he should have got our hostages back before he began the negotiation. Then, he should have left the deal and they would have come to him on their own. My father had taught me to take the lumps out. Earlier, I would make the room angry by getting stubborn. Now, I would just smile and negotiate easily.
Flynn: Since 2011, Libya has turned into safe haven for ISSI after removal of Gaddafi. It is also the shipment point for some of the refugees. What would you do to deal with ISIS in Libya and please talk a little bit about your commander-in-chief philosophy?
Trump: Libya is just another place and my tactics are same. Libya has finest quality oil, but ISIS has it. I have been saying this for a year that we should have kept the oil. We have spent 4-5 trillion in the Middle East and we have nothing in the end.
Flynn: We have 5,000 troops in Iraq and Obama, Kerry, and Hillary have not made any strategy. What would you do as commander-in-chief?
Trump: If they had done just nothing, the situation would have been actually better. They just blow up a city and say 2 people were wounded. We have to solve it strongly and swiftly. ISIS has better weapons than we do. When Obama went to Saudi Arabia and Cuba, nobody was there to pay respect. I would literally come back if this happened to me.
Flynn: FBI released notes from Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. What do these revelations depict about her qualities of being a commander-in-chief?
Trump: She wiped off her 33,000 emails and gave illogical answers to the public. It is as if we are in a third world country. On November 8, we will cure this problem.
Flynn: What would you do to rebuild our military?
Trump: This is one of the most dangerous times; we do not have a choice but to rebuild the military. The current fighter jets are so old that we do not have parts for them and we have young men and women flying them. We get their parts from the planes graveyards and museums. We are going to rebuild our military with the finest technology. I have put more than $60 million into this campaign.
Donald Trump concludes the interview by thanking everyone and promising to make America safe and great again.
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