Donald Trump Election Rally, Phoenix, AZ

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Wednesday , August 31, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Phoenix, AZ on 08-31-16
Donald Trump begins his speech by thanking everyone in Arizona. He says that his speech that day will be a little different than normal and he will give a detailed policy address on one of the greatest challenges facing the country, which is illegal immigration. He praises the Mexican President for his love for his country. He agreed with Trump on ending the illegal flow of drugs, cash, guns, and people across the border and put the smugglers out of business. The two also discussed the contribution of Mexican American people to both the countries.
Trump states that the people need to change the leadership in Washington. When the American politicians talk about illegal immigration, they mean amnesty, open borders, and lower wages. However, they should talk about making the lives of their people better. Trump states the fact that people should realize that everyone coming to America cannot assimilate in the country. Talking about national security, he says that the politicians have failed to secure their duties and enforce the laws properly.
There are thousands of victims of violence committed by the illegal immigrants who were deported several times. These people did not meet the standards of deportation according to the Obama administration. He gives the statistics of the number of deported illegal immigrants and the amount of expenditure incurred on them by the current government.
Trump says that anyone who tells you that the core issue is the needs of the illegal immigrants has spent too much time in Washington. There is only one core issue which is the well being of American people. He states that he does have compassion for those who might be separated from their families post-deportation, but he has greater compassion for their American people.
President Obama and Clinton agree for visa overstays, release of dangerous criminals, and unconstitutional executive amnesty. Hillary has pledged amnesty, Obamacare, social security and Medicare for illegal immigrants in her first hundred days breaking the federal budget. She has not yet revealed her plan for administration. Trump’s plan was created with the input from federal immigration officers. Among the top immigration workers, he had met with the people directly affected with these policies.
He commits that he will build an impenetrable, tall, strong, powerful, and big wall on the southern American border. He will also plant above and below the ground censors, towers, and area surveillance to keep out the illegal immigrants. He plans to end the ‘catch and release’ policy of the current government. They will deport them immediately to the country they belong. He will have zero tolerance for the criminal aliens. He will expand and revitalize the popular the 287G partnership, which will help identify the deportable aliens in the local jails.
The local police know everything about these criminals. He will assign more powers to deport or tackle them. Trump asks his people not to forget the Supreme Court, second amendment, military, vets, and healthcare when they go voting on November 8th. According to him, Clinton has pledged disasters for our country. She would be abolishing the law making powers of congress in order to write her own laws. He says that the amount America spends on one immigrant in America can be used to support twelve people in their native country.
Trump plans to hold new screening tests for the refugees; they will need an ideological certification to state that they share the same American values. Most of the refugees support honour killings against women and justify them. He will ensure that other countries take their people back when Americans order deportation since 20% of the illegal immigrant criminals are not taken back.
Hillary Clinton had the power to stop issuing visas to such countries, but she did not use them. 13,000 criminal releases occurred in her regime. Those released include individuals convicted of killing and sexual assaults. Trump commits to complete the biometric system for entry exit visa tracking system. Abolishing TPP and renegotiating NAFTA, he will bring the jobs back.
Since 1965, 50 million immigrants have been inducted to America. They have contributed a lot to the country, but now it is time to ensure assimilation, integration and upward mobility. Financially self-sufficient immigrants will be inducted on the basis of merit, skill, and proficiency.
Trump says that fortunately, he is not a politician and no one owns him. He will accomplish what he has committed and make America a better country. He will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. He will not allow immigrants to become a legal citizen in the wrong way.
He challenges Hillary Clinton to state her policies and how they will affect the country. People deserve answers from her, but she doesn’t answer. She doesn’t go anywhere even after being invited. Despite the lack of media curiosity, she promises a radical amnesty combined with a radical reduction in immigration enforcement. If people ask the border patrol about Hillary, they will not like what they hear. This election is their last chance to secure the borders.
He invites the angel moms to come on stage; they talk about their lost loved ones in the hands of violence committed by illegal immigrants. He concludes his speech by asking his supporters to vote for him on the coming November 8th and he promises to make America great again.

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