Donald Trump Election Rally, Pensacola, Florida

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Friday , September 09, 2016
Pensacola, Florida

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Pensacola, Florida on 09-09-16
Donald Trump says that he is going to change the history of America and take the leadership from the wrong hands. He says that all of them have to be vigilant and smart on November 8. America has been abused enough for a long time. After the failure of NAFTA, Hillary Clinton wants to bring TPP and it the gold standard of trade deals. America has a huge trade deficit of $8 billion.
He praises China by saying that it is a brilliant country and he does great deals with them, but they are taking advantage of America. He says that Mexico is destroying the American youth. People used to earn more 18 years ago in real wages than they do today, even after doing an additional part time jobs. Other countries are spending less money on education and have a greater quality of studies. And America is doing the exact opposite because of the common core.
Trump plans to build a navy fleet of 350 ships. Obama had pursued the worst deal of $400 billion the previous week, which was not practically possible. Therefore, Obama concluded that deal in cash from various places. He condemns Hillary that whatever she touches turns dead. The only thing she has done great is to get out of the email scam. She is so cunning that she can lie right in the face of 20,000 people in that hall.
Hillary Clinton plans to bring in 550% more people to America than before. People who benefitted from the nuclear deal gave huge amounts of money to the Clintons. They even gave 20% of the Uranium, which is a big deal. Trump says that he will negotiate with Russia from the point of strength. Hillary negotiates but never achieves anything because she is an unstable person. Trump will follow the example of Ronald Reagan.
Hillary is a corrupt establishment and she protects those who give her money. He says that he has the support of army generals of America who know how to win. On the coming Monday, he is going to have the support of 88 generals. He says that he honors every person who has worn the uniform, but he has ultimate respect for those who have laid their lives for the country.
The wise leadership never tells the plan to the enemy. Bill Clinton said that the slogan ‘make America great again is somewhat racist’. Ironically, video footages are there showing him using the same phrase repeatedly. He will reduce the taxes drastically, simplify the taxes, and bring jobs. He says that people can refer to his plans on his website. He commits that he will make America great again.
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