Donald Trump Election Rally, Greenville, NC

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Tuesday, September 09, 2016
Greenville, NC

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Greenville, North Carolina on 09-06-16
Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, begins his speech by saying that he employs many people in North Carolina. He invites his daughter, Evanka Trump, and she mentions that her father has a habit to over-deliver, and he will do the same for America. Donald Trump takes back the stage saying that he will make America great again and conquer the White House in 62 days. For the feat to be accomplished he asks his followers to go out and vote on October 22 since early voting is going to happen in NC.
He says that he will not allow the jobs to be moved to other states. He mentions that he cannot repair the rigged system by relying on the corrupt people. Wait of every American will get over once Trump wins. He says that he will eliminate every unconstitutional order and restore the law to the land of America.
He will implement the construction of the wall along the southern border. He praises Mexico for doing well, but condemns them for not employing Americans at all. He says that he will ask the Congress to send him a bill to repeal and replace the Obamacare. Under the Senate rules, only 51 votes are required to pass that bill. He mentions that he is doing very well in the poll results and the pundits are upset by this fact.
The issues like Supreme Court Judges and the second amendment are not going to be fixed if Trump is not elected. He says that his first day in the Presidential office is going to be a busy one. He will repeal the Syrian refugee settlement program and sign for the development of safe zones in Syria. America will not pay for those safe zones because he will use the OPM (Other People’s Money) theory with the country.
America must remember its potential. There are many countries that would cease to exist if America didn’t support them. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton wants to bring 550% more immigrants to the country. She wants to be the Angela Merkel of America, but he says that Hillary will fail miserably. Like Germany, she will invite unforeseen problems.
Trump says that he will notify all the countries to take back their dangerous illegal immigrants. If they continue to refuse, they will lose access to Visa programs and other goodies. It is the job of the Secretary of the State, but Clinton flatly refused to do that.
He will lift the restrictions on American energy and revoke the TPP, which according to Clinton, is the gold standard of trade deals. He states that 88 army generals endorsed him and they know how to keep the country out of the warfare. Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and China are advising Hillary today, but she will allow the power vacuum in America to be filled by ISIS.
The recent documentary on the American jet planes depicted that the country uses old parts in the planes since they could not afford the new ones. America needs cyber security experts. Along with that the people need someone in the office who understands the importance of confidential and classified. The new CNN poll says that Trump is winning, for which, he says that the movement is winning. Hillary is not eligible for the office of the President. If she ran for a low level job, she would have been immediately disqualified.
Hillary and her staff wiped off 30,000 emails using expensive software. She used 13 iPhones in just 4 years, which shows that she is involved in shady activities. People who have nothing to hide never smash their phones. She also set aside the environmental rules to favour a company from South Korea. Trump commits that he will not let the people down, once elected.
He says that the people need to back the police to have a great police department. He asks his supporters to get vigilant and watch what is happening. He concludes his speech by saying that he will make America proud, strong, safe, and great again.
Hear Mr. Trump speaking some of the exclusive Trumpisms, as his daughter Ivanka Trump called them. Watch the video below and get to know more about the popular sentences and phrases spoken by Donald Trump. Remember to comment on the videos and make your contribution, starting from 99 cents. Some part of your contributions will highly benefit the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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