The Donald Trump Speech that if Everyone Saw, He Would Win Easily

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Tuesday , August 16, 2016
West Bend, WI

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in West Bend, WI on 08-16-16
After a number of people talked on stage about America and Donald Trump, the speech of Trump begins. He says that he is honored by the company of Governor Scott Walker and many others in the event. As he laid out his plans to bring jobs, he will talk about radical Islamic terrorism in that event and how they can make their communities safe again from crime and lawlessness.
He says that law and order must be restored and protect the main victims of riots, who are the law abiding African- American people. He will not tolerate crime in his administration. More law enforcement, more community engagement, more effective policing is what the country needs urgently. Those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force of our society have forced an anti-police narrative in America.
Hillary Clinton backs her current policies responsible for the present condition of inner cities of America. Trump says that he cares too much for his country to let this happen in future. He says that it is easy for her to turn a blind eye to the crime happening in the country when she has her personal security forces that carry guns and hints at the second amendment. Hillary’s agenda hits the poor people the most. She has failed and now it is time for new leadership.
He states that the democratic policies have brought more crime only and gives statistics of violence, unemployment, home ownership, graduation 60%, and manufacturing sector. He says that for every voter in his walky, inner city, every forgotten stretch of our society, he is running to give them a much better future, job, and higher wage. The Democratic Party has taken their voters for granted and it is time to give them some tough competition. The Democratic Party has nominated the personification of Special Interests. He rejects the bigotry of Hillary Clinton, who talks down to communities of color only as vote banks, not as humans worthy of a better future.
According to Trump, every insider is throwing money at the Hillary Rotten Clinton. Insiders are fighting for insiders, but he is fighting for the people. The insiders also include the media executives who are a part of the failed status quo, but they find it better the way it is. He says that every day people pick up the paper, they find someone opposing him by the big time lobbyists, but he wears their opposition as a badge of honor. Their oppositions are the same people who have left their borders open, they have led us into one foreign war one after another, and who lie to us about one trade deal after another.
He says that the Democratic Party has run every inner city of the country for more than 50 years and the condition is pathetic. Talking about immigration, he says that no community has ever been heard by her. Talking about trade, he says that he will renegotiate NAFTA, which is the worst ever trade deal and he will make it difficult for the companies to leave the country. He will bring trillions of new wealth in the country.
Talking about crime in the country, he says that he will support more police, better prosecutors and judges, and pursue strong enforcement of federal laws. He will break up the gangs and criminal syndicates. Talking about healthcare, he says that he will repeal and replace Obamacare. Talking about government corruption, he promises to restore honor to the government. He will enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified info.
Trump says that this is their last chance to take back the power from all those who have taken it from them. These are tough times, but he has faith and confidence that they can can make America great again. Hillary’s pledge asks her supporters to recite a three words – ‘I am with her’. Trump chooses to recite the pledge– ‘I am with you, the American people’. He says that they will once again be a country of law and order, and unchallenged success.
He concludes his speech by saying that together with his people; he will make American strong, safe, and great again, greater than ever before.

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