Donald Trump Election Rally, Windham, New Hampshire

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Saturday, August 6, 2016
Windham, New Hampshire

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Windham, New Hampshire on August 6, 2016

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump begins his speech by mentioning that when he was in New Hampshire last time, they had won. The place is the proof of his first victory. He promises that he will solve the problem of heroine in New Hampshire. He mentions that he recently came to know that America took cash worth $400 million from different places in different currencies to Iran. He wonders how Iran is going to use that cash. He says that it was probably the hostage money. This shows that America has incompetent leaders. Obama says that he sent the money in cash because America does not have working relationship with Iran yet.

He says the he is going to repeal and replace Obamacare. Referring to the incompetent leaders of America, he mentions that someone said on TV that $400 million is not a small amount. He mocks Hillary Clinton by saying that she used the term-short circuit for her brains. Trump says that Americans do not want such a person as their president who gets short circuits in her brains.

He mocks that ISIS would be laughing at how she talks and it is going to be a cakewalk to deal with her. He says that everything Hillary has touched has gone bad, like Syria and Libya. She has a bad temperament and poor judgment. Obama is the worst thing that happened to Israel.

He mentions that ISIS is killing people by thousands and America does not even allow water boarding. Talking about Hillary, he says that she disregards the lives of all Americans and she will destroy America from within. He says that she is a great liar, who deleted 33,000 emails and nothing happened to her. Obama is letting thousands of immigrants to come to America. He mentions that France is no longer the same France it used to be. And Hillary is going to stretch the regime of Obama by four more years.

He vows that he will make the American military stronger, but he will be the last one to use nuclear weapons. On the other hand, a leader like Obama is making terrorist countries like Iran stronger by handing over money to them. He says that 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed him, and they have never endorsed a presidential candidate before.

Trump says that America needs borders to have a country, and he will build the wall at the Mexican border with payments from Mexico. The wall is much more than a wall, it is an attitude. ISIS has killed millions of people in the last few years, and many journalists have either disappeared or came to America.

He mentions the false statements issued by Hillary Clinton. First, she said that she used her personal server because it was convenient to use one device, but she used multiple devices in reality. Second, she said that she only deleted her work related emails, but the FBI directors found out that she had deleted several classified emails. Third, she said that there was nothing classified in her emails, but it was found out that more than hundred of her emails were classified with secret and top secret information. Fourth, she said that her private server was safe, but it was found out that her server could be breached. Fifth, she said that her attorney conducted rigorous review of her emails, but the FBI said that the lawyers, who did the sorting of emails, had not read the context of her emails.

Cursing Hillary, Trump says that we cannot allow her to become a president. Concluding his speech, he promises that he would not let the veterans perish. He says that he would get rid of common core and bring local education, bring the jobs back, restrict illegal immigrants, and appoint better justices in the Supreme Court. He vows to make America great again.

Watch the video below that contains some exciting catch phrases, remarks, and short sentences from Mr. Trump. Ivanka Trump, his daughter calls them Trumpisms. If you want to know more about these Trumpisms, then watch the video below. Do not forget to comment on the video. And, make sure that you contribute some money, which can be a little amount like 99 cents, to help the Disabled Veterans charity.

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