Donald Trump Election Rally, Manchester, NH

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Thursday, August 25, 2016
Manchester, NH
Radisson Hotel


GOP presidential candidate, Donald trump held a presidential rally at The Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH on 08-25-16
Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that he will work hard for all those people who are hooked since they have been living in the Washington regime year after year. He says that the real divide in this election is not between the left and the right; it is between everyday working people and corrupt political establishment. Hillary Clinton believes only in the government of, by, and for the powerful. Trump promises the government of, by, and for the people.
He claims that people who gave Hillary Clinton their money received favorable treatment from the state. They include the deal to sell 20% of uranium of the USA to Russia. It includes exemption to the telecom giants from the government sanction. It includes efforts to put the Clinton foundation donor with experience of national security at a highly sensitive security panel. It includes foundation donors getting lucrative contracts in hand. Trump says that this is only tip of the Clinton corruption iceberg. Hilary created a private server to hide her corrupt dealings, knowing well that she is putting the American lives at risk.
The Secretary of State sold her office to the corporations and foreign governments. Trump says that this level of corruption might be acceptable in a third world country but not in America. He envisages the damage Hillary would do if she sells the office of President. He requests his supporters to vote for honesty, integrity, and accountability.
Trump says that he has heard for the first time that Hillary Clinton will be making a few statements. He mocks at the democrats saying that whenever they fall short of arguments, they call the republicans as racists. He calls for a change for the African- Americans and Hispanics since the democratic policies have only created more poverty and joblessness. They have betrayed the communities of color. He hails that it is time for the Clintons to be held accountable for what their improper conduct.
He promises that he will build the wall on the South American border and Mexico will pay for it. He respects the Mexican leaders for their patriotism. Talking about national security, he says that all refugees are not Islamophobes. If there is a choice between saving lives and appeasing the politically correct censors, he will obviously choose the latter.
Talking about crime, he says that people who support police are not prejudiced. Many lives are lost to the totally preventable violence. He says that he has three words to Hillary Clinton and her donors and advisors – shame on you. He wants them to remember these words.
Hilary had gathered $69 million from the Wall Street and the big banks and Trump had got only $16 million from the unknown donors. It is easy to look down on so-called little people, the devastation caused by the open borders, when you spend all of your time with wealthy donors and Hollywood celebrities. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the ravages of crime when you have your own security force. Trump challenges Hillary that she should ask her Secret Service to drop all their weapons to realize how it feels about safety without the guns.
Trump states that is time to end the rule of special interest groups and begin the rule of the people. The Latinos and the African- Americans will see the time of their lives if Trump wins. He says that he will fix the disastrous trade deals, lower taxes create more jobs. He will unleash the American energy revolution. He will repeal and replace the Obamacare. He will bring immigration laws that put the American, Hispanic, and African- American workers first.
Trump promises that he will kick the ISIS out of the country. Together with his people, he will promote the values of tolerance, acceptance, and justice, and reject the bigotry, hatred, rejection in all its forms. He will make America a nation with a purpose that the world has never seen before. He will not apologize for being the best leader. He says that they will make America prosperous, wealthy, powerful, safe, and great again; greater than ever before.

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