Donald Trump Election Rally, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Friday, August 5, 2016
Green Bay, Wisconsin,
KI Convention Center

This speech of Donald Trump takes place in Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 5, 2016. Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that America needs a change, a real change and not an Obama change. America should have a government that serves the people. This is a movement. He tells that he funds all his campaigns.

Trump asks the people to go out and vote on November 8, 2016. He then criticizes Hillary Clinton by saying that she lacks the temperament and moral character to lead America. She is a weak person and a dangerous liar, who has put the life of all Americans in danger.She is unhinged and unbalanced.

Trump reads out the words of a secret service agent, who says that Hillary simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office. Her leadership style is volcanic and disruptive. Plus, she is disdainful of all the rules. She is unqualified to become the president. If she becomes the president of the United States, she will be a disaster. She will be bad for America and Trump cannot let this happen.

Donald Trump announces that if gets elected, he will repeal and replace ObamaCare with something much better. He will make America great again. He will allow people to come into America, but they will have to come in legally. He will renegotiate NAFTA and bring back jobs into America. He will build strong borders, especially the Southern border to stop drugs from pouring into America.

Trump compares himself to Hillary Clinton. He says that she wantsto raise taxes, but he is going to lower taxes substantially. Hillary wants to expand regulations, but he wants to get rid of regulations, which are stopping people to start their new business. She wants to stop energy productions, but he wants to expand energy productions.

Trump further says that she wants to abolish the second amendment, but he wants to protect it. She wants to appoint far left activist judges who will destroy the constitution, but he wants to appoint judges who will support and defend the constitution. She wants open borders, but he wants closed borders. People will come into America, but they will have to come in legally.

Trump says that he wants to give back to his country, because America does not win anymore. And, it is not going to win with Hillary Clinton and it would be far worse with Obama.He asks the audience to go out and vote on November 8, 2016 to make America win with everything, including trade deals, ISIS, borders, military, and the wall (for which Mexico will pay). Plus, he will replace ObamaCare and Common Core education. He will make America great and safe again.

Listen to some of the famous Trumpisms, as called by Ivanka Trump, from Mr. Trump. The video below contains great terms, expressions, and slogans from Donald Trump himself. These will surely leave you asking for more of his great speeches. So, just watch the video below and comment on it. Additionally, make some contribution towards the Disabled Veterans charity by donating some money, which can be as little as 99 cents.

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