Donald Trump Election Rally, Everett, WA

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Everett, WA
Xfinity Arena

Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Everett, WA at Xfinity Arena of Everett.
This video is about Donald J. Trump’s rally that took place in Everett, Washington. Donald Trump starts his speech by thanking the crowd for coming. Trump says that there are still 8,000 people standing outside, who want to come in, but they cannot due to the packed auditorium. He further tells the crowd that he will win the elections for the Americans.
Donald Trump then announces that America has a poor infrastructure, which he will change if he comes to power. He assures the people that he will provide jobs and opportunities to families in the United States and will make an effective government that is honest and responsible.
He also tells that he will protect the border as well as the children of America. He will rebuild the inter-cities and provide safety and peace to all the citizens of America. Under his rule, American values and culture will be cherished again.
Donald Trump goes on to criticize his fellow presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, whose immigration policy, he says, brings in illegal immigrants into America. Furthermore, her policies have produced only poverty, joblessness, broken homes, and rising crimes. Trump says that she does not care about the people of America and have used their vote before also and will continue to use it in future too.
Donald Trump then talks about the plight of African Americans. Trump asks for their votes, so that he can bring a real change in the nation. He declares that he will appoint the best judges and federal officers who will make the best decisions. However, if people will keep voting for the same people, then they will keep getting the same horrible results like Hillary Clinton.
Trump further guarantees that he will fix the nation and fight for the people of America. He will bring in jobs, opportunities, safety, great education, and many other things to the United States. Under his rule, everyone will live their life in safety and peace.
Trump compares the Republican Party and the Democratic Party by saying that the former is the party of Abraham Lincoln, freedom, equality, and opportunity and the latter is the party of opposition, slavery, and Jim Crow. He will unite the whole nation with a great future full of jobs. He will completely revitalize the manufacturing section, which is completely devastated by Hillary Clinton’s policies.
Furthermore, Trump says that he will renegotiate the NAFTA deal and keep out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is a total disaster for the nation and its workers. He will bring back jobs by unleashing an energy revolution, which will in turn create millions of jobs and lower the prices of energy and electricity. He will secure the American border and stop drugs from pouring in and thus destroying his nation. He then sings the song, namely ‘The Snake,’ which represents the people who illegally come into America.
Trump asks the crowd to go out and vote for him on November 8, 2016. He says that one of the major issues in America is foreign policy, which is made by Hillary Clinton. Her tenure as the Secretary of State may be regarded as the worst in the history of the United States. Her legacy is death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.
Trump says that if he comes to power, then the era of division will be replaced by a future of unity. He will make an honest government and bring in lots of jobs into America. He will make America wealthy, proud, safe, and strong again.
He further says that he will fix the depleted military and take care of the veterans. He will appoint proper judges to the Supreme Court of the United States and will protect and save the second amendment. Plus, he will repeal and replace ObamaCare. He ends his speech by declaring that he will make America great again.

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