Donald Trump Election Rally, Dimondale, Michigan

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Friday, August 19, 2016
Dimondale, Michigan
Summit Sports and Ice Complex

GOP Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Dimondale, Michigan at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex on August 19, 2016
Presidential candidate, Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that coming November 8, they are going to win big, and it is going to be the victory of wage earners and factory workers. They have not been heard in many years, but now they will be heard. He mourns for the lives lost in Louisiana. He says that if he is not elected President, the jobs will not come back to America. He will replace the crumbling roads ridges with the infrastructure this country needs and deserves. Children stuck in failing public schools will be able to choose the schools of their choice.
He promises to make the government lean and responsible. He pledges to build the wall along the southern American border and make America safe for the children. He assures that the American culture will be cherished and celebrated once again. He says that they must break free from the bitter failures of the past and reject the same insiders telling us the same bitter lies over and over again, and that no group in America is more harmed by Hillary Clinton’s policies than the African Americans.
To change the future, they must change leadership. He asks the African- Americans that what they have to lose if they elect Trump. They are already living in poverty and more than 50% of their population is unemployed.
Trump says that the democrats have always used the colored people as vote banks. He says he will bring back the jobs that have been moved to other countries and create more jobs as well. He plans to cut down taxes for the businesses and the middle class. Americans must reject the bigotry of Hillary who sees communities of colors only as votes, not as humans worthy of better future. She would rather provide job to a refugee rather than an African- American unemployed person, who has become a refugee in his own country.
He estimates that they can support 12 refugees in their native countries by building safe zones by the cost of bringing one refugee to America. He says that he will completely revitalize the Michigan manufacturing sector, which is a disaster at present. Michigan lost one of its four manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was signed.
After NAFTA, Hillary plans to sign TPP, which she calls the gold standard of trade deals. Automobile industry was specifically hit by the policies of Hillary Clinton. The number of workers in Michigan came down from 285,000 to 160,000 only. He guarantees that he will withdraw TPP before it is signed. He says that America has political hacks and corrupt politicians as their negotiators. He says that he is not an isolationist, but they have firmly to deal with the current problems.
Another major issue that the country faces is the foreign policies of America. Even when Trump was a civilian, he had realized that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policies will destabilize the Middle East, but they ignored him. Hillary’s failed decisions as Secretary of State unleashed ISIS on the world.
In the early 2009, Iraq was seeing reduction in violence, Syria was under control, ISIS was close to being extinct, and Iran was being choked by sanctions. Now fast forward to the Present- Iraq is a total chaos, Syria is the midst of a disastrous civil war, and a refugee crisis now threatens Europe and the US.
Trump says that Hillary Clinton is a legacy of death and destruction. He says that he is an agent of change, strong defense, great healthcare, and he is the messenger of his followers. He will get rid of common core, save second amendment, and repeal and replace Obamacare.
On the other hand, Hillary is a defender of status quo, or what Americans currently have. Bill was paid almost 50 million for speeches during her tenure in the previous 4 years. Hillary Clinton has not ever apologized for open borders, unleashing ISIS, her email scam, or even Ben Gazi. The only way to learn about her public debt is to read the 33,000 emails that she had deleted.
Trump promises that he will reject bigotry and hatred in all of its forms and seek a new future built on our culture and values as one American people, and together they will make America wealthy, united, proud, safe, and great again. He thanks the people of Michigan and leaves.
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