Donald Trump Election Rally, Detroit, Michigan

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Monday, August 08, 2016
Detroit, Michigan
Cobo Center

Donald Trump Rally Speech, Event Campaign, Live event in DETROIT, MI

This speech of Donald Trump takes pace in Detroit, Michigan on August 8, 2016. Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, comes on the stage and says a few words praising Donald Trump. He then asks Trump to come on the stage. Trump commences his speech by saying that Detroit was the economic envy of everyone. But now everything has changed.

Today, Detroit has a Per Capita Income (PCI) of under $15,000, which is about half of the national average. Moreover, 40% of the city’s residents live in poverty, which is over two and a half times of the national average. Half of the Detroit residents do not work. And, Detroit tops the list of the most dangerous city in terms of violent crime.

In short, Detroit is on the top of Trump’s economic agenda. Hillary Clinton supportshigh taxes and the education policies that deny students choice and freedom. Trump tells that Detroit is a city that is controlled by democratic politicians.

Donald Trump goes on to announce his economic visions, which he compares to the economic agenda of Hillary Clinton. He criticizes Hillary Clinton by declaring that she wants to increase the taxes, bring in more regulations, more bureaucrats, and put more restrictionson American energy and production. On the other hand, Trump puts America and its people first. He will lower taxes substantially.

Donald Trump also condemns Obama by recounting that Obama had a bad tenure. Trump promises that under his plan, no American company will pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes and that he will reduce taxes from 35% to 15%. Alternatively, Hillary’s plan requires small businesses to pay as much as 3 times more in taxes than what he is proposing. People cannot ever start a small business under the tax burden of America that is prevalent now.

Trump assures the people that he will cut down regulations massively. His plan will reduce the cost of childcare expenses. He will bring in jobs into America. America does not win anymore, but when he becomes the president, America will win again with everything.

Donald Trump says that he will bring in trade reform and energy reform in America. He will sign great trade deals that will benefit the country as a whole and its workers. Plus, well-crafted trade deals will bring back jobs into America. His energy reform plan will put a lot of coal miners and steel workers back to work. On the other hand, Hillary’s energy plan will put a lot of coal miners out of work.

Donald Trump says that the reforms that he is proposing are only the beginning. He will open a new chapter in American prosperity. He will rebuild the military and infrastructure. If people will choose Hillary Clinton, then America will not run properly.

However, if he gets chosen, he will build great infrastructure in America. The country will reach new heights under his presidency. Now, people should stop relying on the politicians. Trump finishes his speech by announcing that he will make America bigger, better, and stronger than ever before.

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