Donald Trump Election Rally, Des Moines, Iowa

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Saturday, August 27, 2016
Des Moines, Iowa

GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a presidential rally in Des Moines, Iowa on August 27, 2016
Donald Trump begins his speech by thanking the veterans of America. He says that there are continuing revelations about the ‘pay for play’ scheme of Hillary Clinton. He says that her important calendar will not be released even though the authorities have them. They will release them after elections. He says that the Clinton corruption scandal, the illegal, deleted emails, secret schedules, and lying to the congress- this is all just too much and they are going to have a great victory.
Trump says that Hillary thinks that she is entitled to be the President, but she already has bad judgment. The Americans do not want another four years of Obama or Clinton controversies. The big banks and the investors from the Wall Street are throwing millions of dollars at Trump’s opponent and she aims at protecting the powerful, but Trump aims at protecting the common people.
Regarding the veterans, Trump means to provide them with best healthcare with the money paid by government and they do not have to wait for it. If the growth of China’s economy comes to 7-8%, it is catastrophic for them, and the growth of the USA is only at 1.1%. Trump promises that he will make America grow again and let agriculture flourish again, which is the backbone of the country’s economy. He commits to end the EPA intrusion into their homes, reduce taxes from 35% to 15%, protect renewable fuel standard, corn based ethanol, and eliminate jobs killing regulations like the waters of the US rule. President Obama lied to them about the renewable fuel standard and you could trust Hillary far less than Obama.
Trump says that he is a Presbyterian and is very proud of it. He promises to get rid of the Johnson amendment that happened in 1954 by Lyndon Johnson. He will let the pastors and ministers speak without losing tax deductibility. Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln. Millions of African- American people are trapped into poverty and bad public schools, and more than half of their population is unemployed.
He talks about an African- American woman who was a victim of a tragic shooting in Chicago while pushing her infant child in the stroller just walking down the street. 2700 people have been shot since January. The policies of Hillary Clinton have only given rise to high crime and no hope.
Trump talks about immigration enforcement and says that the African Americans are losing their jobs to the illegal immigrants. Trump wants to secure the borders to secure the nation and economy. He will use the immigration laws to protect the American citizens without playing any political games.
He will build the wall on the southern American border and develop and electronic verification system to ensure the deportation of those who overstay. On the other hand, Hillary has pledged amnesty and wants open borders. If she is elected, there will be constitutional crisis and she is not an imperial leader. She cannot even say the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and wants to bring unknown 550% more refugees.
Trump calls on stage a victim family of immigrants’ terrorism and they support him for restricted borders. He says that he is winning but the newspapers are rigged and they do not show the facts. They take phrases and statements, chop them up, take them out of context, and discuss them for days and days. Many people have complaint about that.
Trump commits that he will make America so strong that nobody will dare to mess with them. He says that together with his people, he will achieve lasting peace, be a country of laws, his government will be honest and ethical, and the rule of special interest groups will be over. He will make America strong, wealthy, united, safe, and great again, greater than ever before.

Want to hear some cool Trumpisms spoken by Mr. Trump himself? Watch the video below that covers some of the great statements and talks by Donald Trump. Post your comments about the video. Make sure to donate some money, even if it is a tiny amount of 99 cents, in order to help the charity for Disabled Veterans, who will benefit from these proceeds

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