Donald Trump Election Rally, Daytona Beach, FL

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Daytona Beach, FL

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Daytona Beach, FL on 8/3/16

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump starts his speech by telling the audience that his campaign is doing really well and this is the best time in terms of being united. He mentions that he read the newspaper and got to know that $400 million has been shipped to Iran by America from different places in cash in different currencies. We are being humiliated by Iran and we have an incompetent president. Earlier Iran had taken $150 million when they had taken the American soldiers.

Iran took the footage of taking out that money from the ship and sent it to America. It was a government tape. When they used to be in trouble, America helped them. Now, they have become a big power and we are fighting Iran in Yemen, just because they want the oil in Saudi Arabia.

America is witnessing the worst number of home ownership under Obama. And Hillary Clinton is just going to extend the regime of Obama. Mexico is witnessing great manufacturing and many other massive deals, and America is just standing and watching them grow. China is building massive fortresses in the South China Sea. Trump asks his people to get him elected and he will bring back the jobs to America.

He says that one should just look at what happened to Orlando and the World Trade Center. Hilary Clinton should be awarded for being the founder of ISIS. She lied to the press just for simple questions. When she is asked why she could not solve the issue in Yemen, she simply responds that it was too complicated.

Trump says that if he does not win, all the efforts made by him are going to be a waste of time. He says that the infrastructure of the state is trembling and we have to fix it. America has foolishly spent trillions of dollars in the Middle East, and has done nothing for its own people. The third world countries like China has better infrastructure than America.

We have to rebuild our military, and make it bigger and better than before. The pilots of America fly planes made of used parts. On top of that, America has close to $20 trillion of debt, which is almost doubled in the last few years.

The president of Mexico used to say that they will never let America build any wall on the border. And a couple of months ago, he said on national television that Mexico will never pay for the wall, which is a major change in his attitude towards Trump leadership. It means he knows that the wall is definitely going to be built.

Drugs are pouring into America from the southern border. 16,500 border patrol agents have endorsed Trump for his leadership. Despite being over flooded with internal problems, Hillary wants to let in 550% more immigrants. If she gets elected, America will become a greater version of Venezuela. Trump says that we have spent a lot of money for people with disabilities. The World Trade Center would not have come down, had Trump been the president of America.

He says that president Obama spends more time on the golf course than the PGA professionals. He had picked up a golf course once and he was terribly reported. He says that he is spending tremendous amounts of money for winning, but he is not accountable to any special interest groups. He mentions that National Rifle Association and he promises that he will protect the second amendment. He mentions that Brian France endorsed him.

Trump says that Obamacare is an absolute disaster, and that he will repeal and replace it. We have countries that are taking advantage of America. He says that the veterans are dying because of the long line of waiting for 7-8 days.

Concluding his speech, he promises that he would not let the veterans perish. He says that he would get rid of common core and bring local education, bring the jobs back, restrict illegal immigrants, and appoint better justices in the Supreme Court. He vows to make America great again.

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