Donald Trump Election Rally, Columbus, Ohio

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Monday, August 1, 2016
Columbus, Ohio

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Columbus, Ohio on August 1, 2016

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, begins his speech by presenting a photograph of Hillary Clinton’s national convention, which had hardly any audience. On the other hand, the national convention of Trump had thousands of people, and thousands others were turned back. Trump promises that he will bring back the jobs to America and renegotiate NAFTA. We have to stop radical Islamic terrorism. When the terrorism is on rise, Hillary wants to bring in 550% more immigrants from the terrorist nations.

Trump claims that Hillary’s regime is going to be nothing but four more years of Obama. The suicide rate of veterans in America is very high because of the lack of facilities provided by the Obamacare. The treatment is very expensive and the veterans have to wait for days in a row to get it.

He asserts that America needs to secure its borders and they will build the wall on America-Mexico border. He also gives the statistics that present the adverse effects of NAFTA. He says that the actual full form of CNN should be Clinton News Network. He mentions that he has raised only $19,000 from the hedge funds,, but Hillary Clinton has raised $48.5 million.

Talking about Russia, he says that there is no harm in collaborating with the nation, if they can come together to beat ISIS. He mentions that he has always learnt in his young age that China and Russia should never come together. China is building fortresses in the South China Sea. He asserts that they have to bring steel jobs to America.

He boasts that it takes guts to run for President, and this is the greatest ever field that has ever assembled in the history of republicans. When Carrier left Indiana, they fired 1,400 people like dogs. Trump says that such companies will never leave America. Trump had 35 million people watching his convention, and Hillary had 28 million people. Trump had a much better looking stage and Hillary’s people even forgot to put up the American flag on her stage.

Many people walked out on Berney Sanders, but had it been the case with Trump, it would be a national scandal. Trump mentions that he is suggested to stop using Twitter, but he realizes that people pay more attention to a small tweet than a page long well-edited article. Other countries have smarter leaders than the US. He mimics Hillary Clinton for using Teleprompters.

China does currency devaluation to cheat America, and Trump says he will not let them do it again. He promises that he is going to turn this country around and America will never be the same. Ohio had lost one in three jobs in the manufacturing sector and Columbus lost one in four jobs after the US provided China with trade benefits.

Trump begins the question answer round and tells people to get back to work after that. And for unemployed people, he promises to get back the jobs. The first person asks about his plan to repeal Obamacare. To this, Trump answers that he will simplify the process of taking claims so that the veterans do not have to wait for weeks to get the treatment. The second person asks him about his program to benefit small businesses, to which, he answers that he wil lower the taxes and lower the regulations. The third person asks him about his plan to cut off the source of heroine in Ohio. He answers that he promises that he will do it for sure and make America great again.

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