Donald Trump Election Rally, Ashburn, VA

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Ashburn, VA

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Ashburn, VA Rally on 8/2/16

Presidential candidate Donald Trump begins his speech by mentioning an incidence when a man came to him and handed over his purple heart to Trump. A purple heart is a decoration to the members of armed forces who are killed or wounded in action. Trump says that it was a huge honor for him as the man placed great faith in him. He welcomes retired lieutenant colonel, Louis Dorfman, to the stage and asks him to say a few words to the audience. The colonel instead says that he wants Trump to say what he has always been saying.

Trump mentions that Hillary Clinton has received $60 million from just 20 people. He is shocked at the amount contributed by such small number of people and vows to find them out. Then, he calls his son, Eric Trump on stage, who praises the work of his father.

Trump says that currently America does not have enough funds to support its military. Currently, America is facing a trade deficit of $505 billion. That is why; Trump wants to enter the system. He says that the system of American politics is not meant to be for someone like Trump, who can use his brains.

Trump says that he does not pay heed to negative news. CNN covers negative news about him, so he just turns off the channel. The New York Times is failing presently, which is why they use Trump to sell their newspapers by writing negative news about him. However, among the negative reporters, there are some positive reporters as well.

Talking about Germany, he says that the decisions of Angela Merkel failed to do justice with the country. It used to be a great country, but now it is in terrible condition. The Germans want to leave the country because of illegal immigrants and their activities. Trump says he is in favor of building safe zones for people stuck in terrorist countries rather than bring them to America.

He talks about a trade agreement, which is 5,000-page long. Other countries read it carefully, but America does not. He is afraid that America is going to be a bigger version of Venezuela if situation does not change. He says that he has created such a phenomenon that even people, who hate him, are surprised to see the crowds supporting Trump. Clinton draws 5,000 people in one rally, and Hillary barely manages 800 people.

He says that 16,500 people endorsed him, along with Sheriff Joe. He says that he will build the wall along the Mexican border. If China can build a 13,000 mile wall 2,000 years ago,, why can’t America build just 1,000 mile wall now? But he warns that China is building massive installations in the South China Sea.

He concludes his speech by talking about local education and getting rid of common core, replacing and repealing Obamacare, saving second amendment which presently is under seize, bringing jobs back, restricting illegal immigrants, and appointing great justices in the Supreme Court. He vows to make America great again.

Hear Mr. Trump speaking some of the exclusive Trumpisms, as his daughter Ivanka Trump called them. Watch the video below and get to know more about the popular sentences and phrases spoken by Donald Trump. Remember to comment on the videos and make your contribution, starting from 99 cents. Some part of your contributions will highly benefit the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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