Donald Trump Election Rally, ABINGDON, VA

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August 10, 2016
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

Donald Trump Rally in Abingdon, Virginia at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center (August 10, 2016) – Donald Trump Rally Speech, Event Campaign, Live event in ABINGDON, VA

This video is about Donald Trump’s rally speech that took place in Abingdon, Virginia on August 10, 2016. Trump starts his speech by saying that he has set a record as there are plenty of people standing outside. He talks about the mining industry in Abingdon, Virginia. Trump announces that if he comes to power, he will dig coal as well as other energy sources in Virginia.
Trump asks the people of Virginia to go out and vote for him. He then criticizes Obama and Hillary Clinton. He tells that Hillary has deleted 33,000 emails from her account. Trump then declares that he will protect America as well as its second amendment, which is under seized. America needs to have clean air and water.
Donald Trump further speaks about the loss of manufacturing jobs after NAFTA was signed by Bill Clinton. Due to it, almost 1 out of every 3 manufacturing jobs has been lost in America. Once the factories were thriving, now those same factory workers are working part time somewhere to earn money, although it should be the other way round.
Trump promises that if he gets elected as the president of the United States, he will make strong borders. He will stop companies from moving to Mexico, such as Ford and Carrier, by asking them to pay hefty tax on each single product that they move through the United States.
Donald Trump boasts about himself by saying that he has spent a lot of money in the general elections. Plus, he has raised a lot of money for the Republican Party. If he comes to power, everyone will have jobs, including the miners. He will negotiate NAFTA as well as trade deals. He will bring back jobs into America.
Trump reads out the status quo of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, during Tim Kaine’s tenure, the governor of Virginia. He relates that the unemployment rate of Virginia has more than doubled. Plus, Virginia has lost almost 60,000 manufacturing jobs. He compares Tim Kaine to Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, that how the latter one did an incredible job and his state is doing great.
Donald Trump assures the people that if he gets elected he will stop illegal immigration and build strong borders, especially the Southern border from where drugs come into America. He will build the wall and Mexico will pay for it. People will come into America legally. He will take care of the veterans and build the military, which is depleted now. He will make a lot of changes. He will repeal and replace ObamaCare and get rid of Common Core education system. He will also fix the infrastructure in America.
Lastly, Trump asks the audience to go out and vote for him on November 8, 2016, so that America can win again. He ends the speech with his campaign slogan that he will make America great again.

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