Donald Trump looks to unite GOP (Full June 7, 2016 speech)

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Donald Trump tries to unite the Republican party and makes an appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters during a speech on the night of the California primary.

This video is about Donald Trump’s speech in New York on the night of the California primary on June 7, 2016. He starts his speech by saying that they have closed one chapter in history and began another. He states that their campaign has received more primary votes as compared to any GOP in the history.
Donald Trump says that is not a testament to him but to all others who want a real change and not just Obama change. He speaks that people have honored him to lead the Republican Party to the path of victory this fall. He ensures the people that he will make them all proud of the party while even referring it to as a movement.
Trump states that recent polls have shown that he is beating Hillary Clinton due to her many problems and tremendous mistakes. Because of it, he expects his lead to continue to grow. After that, he thanks everyone who has voted for him throughout this campaign while saying he will work really hard to earn votes of those who voted for other parties including Bernie Sanders’ supporters.
Donald Trump assures that he will take care of all the terrible trade deals, which Bernie was so against in the best way possible. He states that he is going to create fantastic deals in order to make money and bring in jobs. Trump states that Obama has promised for a change like other politicians but did not work out too well. He wants to beat the rigged system that made politicians wealthy by winning with overwhelming support from all over the country to win 37 primary caucus victories that started with 17 very talented people.
Trump mentions that the Clintons have changed the politics of personal enrichment to an art form. He further adds that they have made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, favors, and government contracts. He accuses Secretary Clinton that she has done all her work on an illegal private server to hide her corrupt dealings. On the other hand, he accuses the President of protecting her. He informs about his next speech on Monday, which is going to be about things related to the Clintons.
Donald Trump further adds that Hillary Clinton has turned the state department into a private hedge fund. He states that the Russians, the Saudis, and the Chinese gave money to Bill and Hillary, whereas got favorable treatments in return.
Trump says that he has noticed suffering in the eyes of people wherever he has visited like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Indiana, and Ohio where jobs have literally disappeared. After that, he talks about crumbling cities, struggling schools, poor airports, highways, and bridges that show American is in a bad state. He states the fact that we owe $19 trillion that will soon to be $20 trillion.
Trump recalls Hillary’s foreign policy that invaded Libya, destabilized Iraq, unleashed ISIS, disarrayed Syria, and created the wrecking mass migration havoc. He ends his speech by saying that he wants jobs of Americans protected from unfair foreign competition. He speaks about bringing of only good trade deals and not devastating deals like TPP, signed by Bill Clinton, which stripped our country. Along with that, he wants to put America first lower taxes for middle-class people, small companies, businesses, and other economic regulations. He ends with the statement, “We will make America great again”.

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