Donald Trump Election Rally, Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Scranton,  Pennsylvania
Lackawanna College Student Union Gymnasium

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, begins his speech by mentioning that he was not supposed to be campaigning today, but he is doing so for the sake of making America great again. He mentions that he does not know much about politics but he has a lot of common sense. In order to put miners back to work, he will lower the regulations. He mentions that the stage of Hillary’s convention did not have the flag of America.

He calls his son, Eric Trump, on stage and Eric says a few words in praise of his father and his campaign. Trump takes over the stage again and says that he believes in free trade but America needs smart people for that. They have people negotiating the deals that are political hacks. China dumps more steel in America than ever before. He mentions that his friend cannot sell his best quality products in China but China sells their products in America free of taxes.

The biggest reason Trump wanted Indiana is that Bobby Knight wanted Trump to win. He says that he does not want to hear the phrase ‘madam president’ for Hillary Clinton. He wants a female to become the president of America, but not her because she functions according to the wishes of lobbyists. Hillary Clinton does not even mention ISIS or radical Islamic terrorism. They cannot talk for even two minutes about their own police. He jokes about her statement that she is the change maker. She will never change even if she wants to because the special interest groups will not let her change even if she wants to.

According to her, TPP is the gold standard of trade deals. But Trump claims that TPP is even worse than NAFTA, which was signed by her husband. Clinton has been very bad to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He mentions the email scam of Hillary and that he would never be forgiven for such a scam. He has spent $60 million for his primaries campaign. He says that he will not let the companies to leave from America.

Trump asserts that he is just a messenger and he puts America first. People, who have worked for more than two decades, cannot afford health insurance for themselves. Americans cannot stand the fact that a priest in France is getting his throat slit. Even after problems are caused by illegal immigrants, Hillary wants to allow 550% more immigrants to America. They do not have to documentation and no one knows who they are. They even stole the passport machine to make fake passports. America owes almost $20 trillion to the world. Hence, they will construct safe zones in Syria, but not on their own expense.

He says that he had mentioned that NATO is obsolete, but now he is not given credit for it. He wants nations like Japan, Germany to pay in full for the military services of America. If Japan gets attacked, America has to protect them, but Japan has no such obligation. Hillary never talks about great reforms and portrays a rosy picture of America. He says that everything is a waste if Trump does not win. He vows to make America great again.

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