Donald Trump Election Rally, Doral, Florida

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Doral, Florida
Trump National Doral in the Crystal Ballroom

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Doral, Florida at Trump National Doral in the Crystal Ballroom (July 27, 2016)

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, begins his speech by mentioning that Hillary Clinton has not held her press conference in the last 235 days. Still, the dishonest media gives glorious reports about her. This is high time the press should introspect themselves. Trump complains that if he uses the language about race and religion like Hillary does, he will have to quit the presidential race.

He says that Hillary does not hold a press conference because she cannot honestly answer the questions of people. He claims that Hillary will just be an extension for four years of the Obama regime if she is elected. Just because Trump has mentioned the renegotiation of trade deals several times, she now says it too.

Trumps lets his supporters ask questions to him. In the question answer round, he tells people that the whole thing with Russia is a total deflection. He again mentions Hillary saying that her campaign manager blamed her email scandal on Russia, and even on Trump. Russia has no respect for America or the leaders. Replying to the other question, he says that he does not have anything to deal with Russia currently, but he would like to work with the country to knock out ISIS. He says that he is no one to guide Putin about what to do. He says that Hillary wants to allow 550% more immigrants from the terrorist countries.

After the terror attacks, France is not the same country anymore. People are scared to visit or live there. Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the Republican Party could not breathe without asking Clinton. The press did not report the people walking out of the republican convention. Trump wants to raise the minimum wages of the Americans, but he is always wrongly reported. He says that he has a friend who builds buildings for computer, automobile companies, etc. and he tells that Mexico is developing brilliantly.

America is currently facing threats like ISIS, but Obama and Hillary Clinton do not even mention it. He says that the American students are under tremendous pressure, but his message is resonating. America needs to repeal and replace Obamacare.

To answer the question of a person from the audience, he says that he would love to see a woman become a president of America, but not Hillary since she us a wrong candidate. Even women do not respect her. He also complains that the democrats do not even mention Radical Islamic Terrorism. He mentions china taking tremendous economic advantage of America. He closes his Press Conference saying that it is time for Hillary to do a press conference now; it is been almost a year now.

Watch the video below that includes some remarkable speech, commentary, and short sentences from Mr. Trump. As Ivanka Trump calls them, these Trumpisms are great to listen. So, watch the video to find out more about them and post your comments in the comment section. Remember to donate some money, starting from 99 cents, as some part of these contributions will benefit the Disabled Veterans charity.

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