Donald Trump Election Rally, DENVER, COLORADO

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Friday, July 1, 2016

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a President rally in Denver, Colorado on July 1, 2016

The video starts with the endorsement of state representative and she mentions that she is a regular American mother, who wants to make her country great again. She states that her endorsement matters because she has an A rating with NRA, A-rating with every pro-life group, and has a record for fighting for taxpayers. She welcomes Governor Sarah Palin.
In the background behind the stage, a video plays showing the governor in various pictures. She greets the audience and starts her speech by asking that why is trump winning, and she answers that the voters are tired of being deceived by the typical politicians. She tells the people that her father’s pickup truck says- “I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am an American. I want my country back”.
She says that President Obama has made his government stronger but his people weaker. On the other hand, trump is not a conventional politician; he is a businessperson who loves his country. She urges the people to vote for trump since he is a builder who wants to build the country. Mentioning the ISIS, she says that Obama and his government do not even acknowledge the threat by its name. She says the ‘I’ in the ISIS is because of Islam. She concludes her speech by thanking the people for joining the movement in Colorado.
Donald trump takes over the stage, mocks over politicians who use Teleprompters, and mentions that he does not use any. He is against illegal immigration and not the legal immigration. Ridiculing Obamacare, he mentions that its conditions are tough, deductibles are very high, and the Americans cannot use it unless they die a vicious long death.
Trump mentions that he has broken all records of votes in the primaries by attaining 14 million votes from 37 states. He says that if TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership is signed by Hillary, it will drain the residual jobs from the country. He boasts that he does not get involved in profiling, where your lawyers tell you what to speak, or you will be in trouble. That is why; spending his own money makes him the master of his own decisions. He mentions the Carrier AC Company, which is leaving to shift to Mexico.
He hails that he wants a safe country for his people where they can roam around freely without any fear. He mocks at the situation when Bill Clinton was sitting with the Attorney General talking about his grandkids and golf, when he could have utilized the time to talk about Hillary.
He criticizes the rigged political system of America by mentioning the incident of Louisiana. He gave a speech in Louisiana where the room was badly packed with audience. He expected to win and he did. However, when the delegates were announced, he realized that he had lesser delegates than the people who lost. He mentions that he will get the Mexican border wall built and Mexico will pay for it. Still, he will have great trade relationship with Mexico.
He says that America has 28,000 soldiers deployed on the South Korean border. And they have to lose their lives because of small incidences on the border tensions. He wants the supported countries to pay fairly for the American military support. He says that Turkey has a huge military and the country is capable of eliminating ISIS on its own, but they refuse to take action. ISIS thinks that the American leadership is stupid and incapable of taking rational decisions, especially when Obama gave a date to leave the country.
Concluding his speech, trump says that he will take care of the American military, the Mexican border wall, the issues of veterans, Obamacare, healthcare, the second amendment, Common Core, education, and jobs. He promises to make America great again.

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