Donald Trump Election Rally, Denver, Colorado

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Friday , July 29th, 2016
Denver, Colorado

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Denver Colorado July 29th, 2016

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump begins his speech by saying that we all had a little less than good evening a day before. The conventions of Trump and Hillary were held. 35 million people were watching the Trump’s convention and around 32-33 million people were watching that of Hillary Clinton. Trump says that she lied about a lot of things in her convention. She didn’t even mention long term unemployment, low number of home owners, shooting down of police, or 1.2% growth for the second quarter, and she pretended as if everything was hunky dory.

America is already witnessing plenty problems and Americans did not need any more of them. Trump says that he had thought she would not mention Trump in her speech, but she did it more than 20 times. While she gave a boring speech, Trump says that he is brilliant at delivering speech.

Trump gives some pieces of statistics such as:

  • The US trade deficit has rose to $800 billion
  • 14 million people have left the labor force
  • 4 in 10 African American are living in poverty
  • 58% of African Americans are not employed
  • Median household income has fallen by $4000

He says that people of America used to make more money 18 years ago in real wages. He says that Berney Sanders regrets selling his soul to the devil. He had to raise the taxes to $400 million when he became the Governor of Virginia. He mentions that Radical Islamic Terrorism is a major problem and he is going the knock out the ISIS. Hillary Clinton was the founder of ISIS and she doesn’t even say that term. Her husband signed the disastrous NAFTA deal and she declined an emergency call at 3 am in the morning. She is irresponsible and an incompetent leader. She has lied a lot about the email scam and if she gets elected, America will become the greater version of Venezuela.

He narrates how the former president of Mexico shifted his stance from not letting America build the wall from not paying for the wall. He says that 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed him along with Sheriff Joe. He says that ISIS is chopping off the heads of innocent people and America is not even permitted for water boarding. Even though it is not pleasant, but it works.

Trump boasts that he has done something, which was never witnessed in the history. The political pundits have been proven wrong every time they predicted something about Trump. Whenever he achieved a great percentage, they said it was his ceiling achievement, and were proved wrong.

Marco Rubio endorsed Trump the previous week and he is running for Senator in Florida. He says that he is not against humanity, but he cannot let everyone from Syria come to America. He is in favor of building safe zones for them in Syria itself. He will make their neighboring countries pay for them, rather than America.

He narrates the snake story, when a poisonous snake was helped by a tender hearted woman. But he bit her viciously in place of saying thank you. He conveys the message that it is not wise to help cunning people. He says that he wants to do free trade, but he wants to do individual trade with individual countries so that America can generate more jobs.

Trump says that he had spent only $60 million in the primaries and won. Others had spent $200 million and had lost against him. He asks his audience to choose their president wisely. He says that America does not win anymore as a country, and he is going to change that. Iran and Iraq used to fight with each other as equals. Now, Iran is made much stronger by America and will win against Iraq.

Concluding his speech, he promises that he would not let the veterans perish. He says that he would get rid of common core and bring local education, bring the jobs back, restrict illegal immigrants, and appoint better justices in the Supreme Court. He vows to make America great again.

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