Donald Trump Election Rally, Cincinnati, OHIO

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Thursday, July 7, 2016
Cincinnati, OHIO
Sharonville Convention Center.

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Cincinnati, Ohio at Sharonville Convention Center 6-7-2016
The video starts with Steven Miller, the policy advisor to the Trump campaign. He raises the issue of Hillary Clinton emails when she used the unauthorized internet server for sending mails. She had violated the law and put the lives of Americans at risk. Steven says that this depicts the careless character of Hillary and that she cannot protect America. She deleted her 30,000 emails so that no one can access them ever. Her career would have been over if emails were discovered. She lied to the media that she had deleted unimportant emails. Since the system is corrupt, she would never be trialed.
Steven further says that Americans will decide on November 8, 2016 that she can be held accountable or not. The next president of America must be Trump who would change everything for better.
Donald Trump comes to stage after one more endorser and greets his Ohio supporters. He mentions that he has worked in Ohio for a long time, and now he is spending his own money to campaign. He also mentions the email scam of Hillary and that she deleted the classified emails concerning major issues of the country, but she didn’t even read the mails before deleting them. Even Berney Sandars said that she has bad judgment. He mentions Radical Islamic Terrorism saying that Iraq has become the Harvard University of terrorists. When Trump said that he thinks Saddam Hussain is a bad man, but he did one good thing of eliminating terrorism from his country, Trump was reported by the media that he likes Saddam Hussain. He complains that media is very unfair to him. He says that CNN must be renamed Clinton New Network for favoring her so much and being unfair to him, and Fox Channel is also tough on him but they are fair.
He says that we cannot allow immigrants from terrorist countries to come to America. We should rather build safe havens for them in Syria. He says that we have talked about getting rid of Obamacare, borders, building a wall, depleted military, veterans, etc. and he promises to abide by his words. He says that 16,500 border patrol agents endorsed me along with Sheriff Joe and Bobby Knight. Don King endorsed him for President and Berney Sanders for Vice President. Talking about unemployment in America, he mentions that when the unemployed persons stop looking for jobs, they are considered statistically employed.
He mentions his golfing incident, which was again wrongly reported on the basis of a year old picture. Trump introduces his son Eric to the audience. He compares democrats to mosquitoes and that he hates mosquitoes. He states that America is losing so much money with Japan, Mexico, China, and these countries treat America like a stupid with a money bank. He promises that he will take care of second amendment, Obamacare, healthcare, education, terrorism, borders, and the Mexican wall. He promises to make America great again.

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