Full Speech: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Moon Twp., PA

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Saturday, June 11, 2016
Moon Twp., PA
Atlantic Aviation

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Moon Twp., PA at Atlantic Aviation
The video starts with the arrival of Donald Trump in his private airplane. He jokes about his dramatic entry and mentions that the plane is made in America. He starts his speech by talking about the fears of France because of radical Islamic terrorism. Their police say that they cannot provide enough security for major tournaments and their military is in bad condition. Trump says that we cannot have such a condition in America. We have to change fast and for better.
He says that presently the world is laughing at us. America has a trade deficit of $58 billion every year with Mexico, and that of $505 billion with China. China uses our money to build their country. They steal our intellectual property. They are building fortresses right in the middle of South China Sea. They are not supposed to build it, but they do not listen to anyone. China is the greatest abuser in the world, and Mexico is the smaller version of China.
Hillary plans to throw the miners out of business, unlike Trump. Trump says the Press is very dishonest in reporting him. Trump started the presidential race with 17 people, and now he is the only one left. He says that he believes in free trade but we have to have smart people on our side.
He says that Obama does not impose taxes on other countries when they sell their products in America, but we have to pay taxes when we go there. Businesses cannot sell their products in China, and even if they do, they are ripped off. He mentions some of his great endorsers such as Brian Trump, Don King, etc. Mocking Mitt Romney, he says that he choked and he did not come on TV when he needed to. Trump regrets that he backed the wrong kind of people and that is why he decided to run for president himself this time.
People were highly suspicious about his candidacy but he proved them all wrong. Trump says that in the history of Republican Party, we have the most votes in the history of primaries. We edged others by millions of votes. Then he goes on to mention the statistics of his victories. He says that Hillary will not give good times to America. He states that an immigrant in America receives $1261 more welfare than the American family.
Concluding his speech, he says that he will get the wall built on the Mexican border and Mexico will pay for it. He says that he will abolish the Obamacare and Common Core, bring in the second amendment, and take care of the military, trade, business, and veterans. He says that he loves Pittsburg and we will make America great again.

Watch the video below, which covers some of the famous Trumpisms of Donald Trump. You would surely have a fun time listening to the great phrases and remarks from Mr. Trump. Feel free to comment on the video and do not forget to donate as little as 99 cents in order to help the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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