FULL EVENT: Donald Trump Rally in Atlanta, Georgia (6-15-16) Donald Trump Atlanta Rally Speech

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GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Atlanta, Georgia at Fox Theater on 6-15-16.

 The video opens with the speeches of a few endorsers. The first endorser says that we love Trump because he loves America. When he talks about radical Islamic terrorism, we are assured that he will do something about it. He is an innovator and a job- maker. He assures that at least 47% of African American population will vote for Trump.
Ralph E. Reed comes to the stage and mentions the attack on gay Americans. Hillary has always failed to provide security to Americans. Despite being the Chief Foreign Policy Architect, she could not do anything in Syria. Basher al Asad used chemical weapons against his own people and she stood mute. Clinton does not know what the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ means.
Trump takes over the stage and mentions the condition of 50 wounded people in Orlando. He says that he would never let that happen again. He says that he has spent just a fraction of what Hillary has spent and he is still winning. He also mentions that he spends his own money. Despite signing a $150 billion nuclear deal with Iran, America has nothing in return. He was against this deal from the beginning. Every country that comes to trade with America wants to rip it off its money. We should build safe places in Syria and other countries instead of taking in the immigrants because we cannot bring everyone here. Gulf countries are rich enough to pay for their own expenses.
The Gay, Lesbian, and LGBT communities support us now. Even if Obama has to talk about radical Islamic terrorism, he shies to say the exact word. He calls it radical Islamism. Trump says that unless you say the problem word, you cannot solve it. He says that we must observe what is going on in the world and we do not want that in our country.
Right now, we owe the world $19 trillion, which is going to be $21 trillion soon because of the poor economic decisions. NAFTA has taken away our jobs. Presently, there are 50% lesser jobs in New York. Trump says that we protect South Korea, Saudi Arabia and they pay peanuts to us. America also needs to improve its judiciary. In the name of Mexican border wall, Hillary promised to build something, but she could not get the Environmental Impact Statement Approval, which is a very silly excuse.
America supports the military of countries of countries even richer than America, but they do not pay their bills. 28,000 American soldiers are there between North and South Korean border, but we are still paid peanuts. He says that NATO is obsolete. Trump says that he would talk to the leader of North Korea, if he comes to America.
He says that he would repeal Obamacare, and bring back jobs, bring the second amendment, Medicare, and military strength. He concludes his speech by saying that we will make America great again.
Hear some amazing Trumpisms, as the daughter of Mr. Trump, Ivanka Trump calls them. These are witty, funny, serious, as well as great. Watch the video below and know more about Trumpisms spoken by Donald Trump. Feel free to comment in the comment section below the video. Also, make sure that you contribute some money, which can even be 99 cents. A part of the proceeds will go to the Disabled Veterans charity.

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