Donald Trump Election Rally, Redding, California

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Friday , June 3, 2016
Redding, California,
Redding Municipal Airport

Donald Trump makes his speech in front of a huge crowd at the AOA Ramp in Redding Municipal Airport California. Trump mentions about the searing heat and starts with the bad situation of jobs in California. He claims he will turn the situation around, bring the jobs back and make America great again.

He mentions about reaching the magical 1237 number beating all odds, while Hillary is in a big mess not even able to close the numbers with Bernie. Claiming that the trade deals made by the country are the worst, Trump says people want to vote for him, so he can make things right. Trump asks people to vote on June 7th and on November. He says that he has set records in polls and would continue with it. Claiming that his campaign has become a movement that has the support of all people, Trump says that it is not a silent majority, but a noisy one.

Trump states that the NRA, which has not endorsed anyone before, has endorsed Trump. He promises to protect the second amendment and states that he would build the wall and there was not a doubt about it. Trump mentions how the country needs tough leadership and ridicules Hillary for criticizing his tough tone. He says that with illegal immigration, terrorism and bad trade deals, the country is in a big mess. The country has the worst job situation and people are working harder but earning less. He states that he would bring back the jobs, take the country back and run it properly, so people are happy again.

Lashing out at Hillary, Trump says that with the email scandal and for what she did to the country’s security during her tenure, she has to be put in jail. He makes fun of her teleprompter speech. And on her claim that Trump wants Japan to have nuclear weapons, Trump explains that all he is aiming at is to get money from Japan, which they owe the country for defending them. He says the country is spending an awful lot of money defending countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Trump states that Hillary has bad judgment and has let China, Russia and others steal billions from the country. He says he would bring in a tough and smart attorney general who would look into the bad things that she had done, which has put the country injeopardy. He accuses the government of saving her.

Trump mentions about the millions of followers he has on the various social media and says that he will win and take good care of the police and firemen who deserve to be treated well. He assures the crowd that the country was going to win again and stop the jobs from moving to China and Mexico. He points out how China has devalued its currency and says that he doesn’t blame them, but the American government, which is doing a bad job on the economy.

Ridiculing Hillary Trump say she is a liar and that the leaders have not done anything of importance. Trumppromises the crowd that he will make the borders strong and stop the drug traffic. He says he will build the wall, but will make Mexico pay for it. Trump explains how companieslike Carrier were shifting to Mexico. He says he has the support of African Americans and all other people, and promises to bring back the jobs, while making it expensive for companies to leave the country.

Mentioning how Hillary is weak and does not have the talent needed for the job, Trump says that the country has spent over 2 trillion dollars in Iraq and handed the country over to Iran. He mentions the sorry state of flight equipment and how depleted the military is and vows to make it powerful and strong. He says Hillary is not fit for the job and states that Japan has to pay up, or the country would stop defending it. He would do the same with South Korea and other countries.

Trump mentions about the Iran deal, which was a big disaster not only for America, but also for Israel and the entire Middle East. He predicts that Hillary would be worse than Obama who has divided the country. He asks the people to go and vote in November for him, so he can make the country great again.

Trump concludes saying he would make the country win on every single level and put America first, make the borders strong, build the wall and let people in legally. He signs off saying it would be an America First policy, when he is elected.

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