Donald Trump Election Rally, Phoenix, Arizona

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Saturday, June 18, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona,
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona 6-18-16
In the beginning of the video, Governor Jan Brewer starts his endorsement. He mentions that some people doubt that Donald trump does not have the temperament to be the president. He says that those people are right, because trump is one of us, and he will take care of us. Only trump can fight against radical Islamic terrorism for the common people, and protect the constitution and the second amendment.
Sheriff Joe, who is regarded as the America’s toughest sheriff takes over the stage. He says that some officials do not welcome trump in Arizona, but he welcomes him whole-heartedly. He says that trump has a soft heart and he has great plans for America.
Jeff DeWit, the state treasurer comes to the stage to endorse trump. He says that the political elite of America have forgotten that the country was built with great efforts. He mentions that USA has $19 trillion in debt and it is increasing. The citizens of America pay the maximum taxes right now and Hillary plans to increase it. He gives elaborate statistics of money spent by obama in the last seven years. Obama spent 189 days on vacation, spent $71 million on his vacations, and played 269 rounds of golf. An average American family makes $2484 lesser than it did in 2009, it pays $4154 more in the healthcare premium, 5.5 million Americans have fallen into poverty under Obama, 7 million people no longer have access to employer sponsored health plans, $3.4 billion is added to the country’s debt every year and $9 billion is added to the national debt.
Stephen Miller comes to the stage and says that Hillary has done business with most oppressive countries in her regime.
Donald trump takes over the stage and talks about the horrible nuclear deal with Iran worth $150 billion. He mentions that the LGBT and gay communities support him and they have to fight radical Islamic terrorism. He supports second amendment and says that it is important for people to protect themselves. Talking about China, he says that they have re-built their country with America’s money, and America is far behind China in terms of infrastructure.
Concerned about illegal immigrants, he says that he wants people to come in, but legally. He says that he will bring back the jobs to America and lower the taxes, unlike Hillary. He mentions that because of regulations of Obamacare, full timers have been reduced to part timers. Presently, banks do not loan you the money you are asking for, if you already do not have more than the amount you are asking for. He says that he spent $50 million, his own money, which was much lesser than others had spent and still he won the primaries. He won 66 out of 67 counties and no one ever did that.
He promises that he will protect second amendment, abolish Obamacare, and take care of the education, veterans, trade, jobs, and he will make America great again.

Watch the video below that contains some exciting catch phrases, remarks, and short sentences from Mr. Trump. Ivanka Trump, his daughter calls them Trumpisms. If you want to know more about these Trumpisms, then watch the video below. Do not forget to comment on the video. And, make sure that you contribute some money, which can be a little amount like 99 cents, to help the Disabled Veterans charity.

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