Donald Trump Election Rally, Manchester, New Hamsphire

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Monday , June 13, 2016
Manchester, New Hamsphire
Saint Anselm College

Republican Presidential Candidate nominee Donald Trump Addresses the Nation with Anti -Terrorism Speech At New Hampshire Rally
Donald Trump addresses people at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Auditorium. He thanks the people for joining him. Trump accuses Hillary on her bad judgment and says that she would do very badly as president in the horrible radical Islamic terrorism times the country is in now.
Trump states that he will be discussing about the alarming growth of terrorism in the country. He mentions that the shooting in Orlando club was a disgrace and horror beyond description that has left the entire nation and the world in devastation. He expresses his sympathies for the dead, the wounded and their families. He pledges his support to the affected people and asks the people gathered to observe a moment of silence.
Trump continues with his speech saying that the nation supports the LGBT community, which the radical Islamic terrorist group had attacked. Trump says it is an attack on every citizen who has right to live the way he wants to in the country. He says people need to be smart to avoid such situation in future.
Trump explains the dysfunctional state of immigration in the country, which he says does not protect the citizens. Trump states that he will change it, when he wins. He wants to screen people properly before they enter into the country and claims that he would suspend immigration from countries that have proven history of terrorism against America and Europe. He promises he would help to end the rule of terrorism.
Trump says that the immigrants do not understand and are not compatible with the western mindset, values and institution and that they are against gay people, women and America. He states that he would not allow the citizens of the country to be victimized.
Trump maintains that the terrorist acts the country faces are because of the failed immigration system, which has allowed millions to come into the country illegally. The intelligence community was not given permission to check the immigrants’ background.
Trump says that the San Bernardino killing and other such killings had happened because of the bad immigration policy. He says that a large number of Somalia refugees in the country have tried to join the ISIS.And many other immigrants from Afghanistan, Syria and other countries share oppressive values and views. Trump explains that to remain as an open and free society, the country has to control its borders and protect the second amendment.
He mentions the killings in Paris, which would not have been so bad if the country did not have such tough gun rules. He does not want such a situation in America and states that he would change it by protecting the second amendment with the support of NRA.
Trump states that Hillary’s catastrophic immigration plan will bring in more radical Islamic terrorists, which will not only affect the society but also the way people live. He claims that ignorance in this case would not be bliss but deadly. He says that Obama administration has damaged the security of the country by suppressing intelligence gathering. He blames the Obama government for putting political correctness above people’s security and life. He says that he would not be politically correct and would do the things necessary to make America great again.
Trump says the illegal immigrant situation is worse than Trojan War and that it should be stopped by improving screening system for the immigrants, which only the proper leadership can do. He promises to bring an immigration policy that benefits American people and their values. He is against supporting violent and hatred spreading people.
Trump states that immigration is a privilege and that the country doesn’t want to give it to anyone who does not support the values of people here. He blames the reduced jobs, wages and increasing debt on the immigrants. He calls upon the Muslim communities in the country to join with him in identifying the illegal and harmful immigrants, so he can fix the country and make it great again. Mentioning the attack on the Pulse night club in Orlando Trump says that he will take the steps to identify the killers and those who had helped them and bring them to justice.
Trump blames the government on failing to protect the people and creating space for ISIS to grow. He is angry at the disastrous Iran deal, which is bad for the country. Trump claims that there will be no more nation building by the country and that it will only help to defeat Islamic terrorism when he is elected.
He maintains that America should unite with the civilized world and fight terrorism. Saying that Obama’s way did not work, as the nation building process is a complete disaster in the Middle East now, he promises that he would be tough, smart and do everything right to make America a tolerant, open and safe society. He promises that every parent will raise their children in safety and peace. Concluding his speech, Trump says he will make America rich, safe and great again.

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