Donald Trump Election Rally, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Saturday, June 18, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada
Treasure Island. .

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Las Vegas, Nevada on 6-18-16 at Mystère Theater at Treasure Island
Trump mocks the Press by saying that they will report his rally the next day by saying that Trump’s rally did not fill up all the seats just because one seat remained vacant. He says that he has bagged 14 million votes in the primaries, which are the maximum number of votes received by a presidential candidate. The Republican Party has increased the voter turnout by 70% and that is probably because of women voters. He says that he respects women more than Hillary does. He has spent much lesser money than the other candidates have, but still he won. He mentions that the police do not get enough credit for serving the country.
Mentioning Hillary Clinton, he says that she has a very bad judgment. He boasts that he makes massive profits for the cable networks. Talking about republican Governor’s association, he says that he has given a lot of money to everyone. Still, if he gets many supporters, nobody mentions it, and if there is one non- supporter, Press goes on talking about it. He says that he will make America safe again.
Despite having huge scale of unemployment, America is letting immigrants from the terrorist countries in USA. Hillary wants to take in 550% more immigrants than Obama does. After the Orlando attack, Obama was angrier at Trump than at the attackers. Even after Apple makes it products in China, the company is not allowed to sell its products in the same country. China is not to blame, they have smart leaders, but America does not.
Every time china performs badly, they lower their currency, and that is cheating. Even after paying highest taxes in the world, Hillary is going to increase them. Talking about Iran and Iraq, Trump says that they have been unnecessarily fighting for decades. Brussels and Paris used to be beautiful places, but now they are not. He says that he has won every debate despite being a non-debater.
Trump says that America owes $19 trillion to the world and it is increasing. Still, we do not cease to protect countries richer than us. He mentions that he had 16,500 border patrol agents endorsing him along with the toughest sheriff of America, Sheriff Joe. Concluding his speech, he says that he will abolish Obamacare, Common Core, bring in second amendment, and take care of trade, military, borders, veterans, and education. In the end, Trump says that we are going to make America great again, greater than ever before.

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